Among Us – Crewmate Guide

An in-depth Crewmate tutorial by an actual 5Head.

Guide to Crewmate

This section is going to be focused on the raw basics that player should really.

General / Map knowledge

Learn every map inside out, know the names of:

  • Every room.
  • Where every task is.
  • Where all the vents are, and which where each one leads to.

Learn exactly how long each task takes

Learn how to confirm people to be Crewmates and how to tell if an impostor is faking a task.

To learn this, you have to first learn the last step, and then watch the person do the task and look out for 2 things.

  • First, the amount of time that it takes them to do the task.
  • And second, keep your eye on the bar and see if it increases when the task is done.


There are tasks that have more than 1 step to complete, which means that unless the task is fully completed, the bar will not go up. ( A good example of this is Wires; when you have the task to do Wires, you have to do 0/3 sets of wires and only when you finish the 3’rd one, the bar will go up so keep that in mind).

Learn how to use Security Cameras, know which Camera is pointed at which part of the map.

Also, learn how to use the Admin Panel accordingly remembering that vents are a thing so try to get intel on who’s on which side of the map and at which room if possible, then its just a simple process of elimination.

Learn Visual Tasks; Visual Tasks are the tasks that can confirm a Crewmate as being Crewmate. On the map Skiel for example, those tasks are Lasers, Shields, Medbay and Trash.

  • Lasers: If a person is doing the lasers, you can see the laser beam fireing outside of the spaceship to the right.
  • Shields: When shields are done, the light starts pulsing.
  • Medbay: When someone does medbay, you can see their character getting scanned.
  • Trash: The trash down in storage, when disposed of you can see the door open, and the trash released outside of the ship.

Late gameplay

It’s great to have confirmed somepeople as Crewmates because that really helps in late game. You then know which people you can trust and hang around without taking the risk of dying, which also helps further on when the final vote has to commence.

It’s important to have the knowledge of where people are on the map, and where the people that you can trust are. If you haven’t done all your tasks, with this information you are much safer to do your tasks accordingly without having to worry about getting killed by the impostor.

Once you have done all your tasks, its up to the ghosts and your fellow crewmates to win the game. If the ghosts have finished the tasks and so have the crewmates, its just a matter of time until you can vote for the impostor. If there is still a lot of crewmates left at this point in the game, try to either clear as many of them as possible, or try your best to stay alive.

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