Control – HRA Machine Punchcard Puzzle Solution (Old Boys’ Club Mission)

How to solve the “Restart the punchcard terminals and then activate the HRA machine” objective in the mission Old Boys’ Club.

Guide to Solve HRA Machine Punchcard Puzzle

Punchcard Locations

All punchcards are relatively easy to find. For solution to the puzzle, see “Terminal Solutions.”

On a table on the left side of the room.

Turn right from the entrance to the room, it is on the floor before the stairs.

On large table in centre of room.

On a white box in the back right corner of the room.

Turn right from the entrance of the room, go up the stairs. It is on the ledge overlooking the room. (The card is not in the screenshot because I picked it up accidentally).

Terminal Solutions

Place the punchcard with the symbol shown in the screenshot in it’s respective terminal.

Solution Explained

The whiteboard diagrams reveal the correct punchcard for each terminal when combined.

With this diagram we are given which symbols correspond to terminals 1 and 4.

This diagram shows that 4 and 5 should be switched (arrow underneath). Now we know what symbol to use for terminal 5.

The last diagram reveals 2 and 3, but also that they need to be switched (arrow underneath).

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