Dead Cells – Ultimate Guide

An in depth guide on Dead Cells.

Comprehensive Guide to Dead Cells

Prisoners Quarters

The prisoners quarters is where you’ll first awaken when playing and acts as the spawn in Dead cells.


The hanging bottles is all your unlocked powerups and equipment that’s been discovered. The more you unlock the more in the bottles.

Random equipment

You can unlock a random three pieces of starting equipment if you unlock the upgrades in the cell tree.

Daily quest

You can head upwards near the tailor and you can access the daily quest from the clock looking door. You can also just go into the main menu and click on it.

The tailor

The tailor is located downwards from the Prisoners quarters just below the daily quest. In here you can equip cosmetic outfits you’ve researched.

The Collectors Room

The collectors room appears before every stage and offers a variety of features to the player.

Door challenges

Completing a mission under a certain amount of time or killing x amount of enemies with no damage taken will unlock doors between stages that offer small rewards.

Cell upgrades

The collector appears between every stage and offers upgrades for cells found from dead enemies. Most equipment and weapon unlocks require blue prints to be found in stages or from dead bosses/enemies. You wanna invest in upgrades for your hp potion for more uses and to unlock more items for use in runs.


Sits to the right of the collector and offers reforge and mutations. You can reroll stats on weapons/equipment for gold. Handy if you like a certain item and need it stronger.


Choose mutations for the build you wanna use during the run. You can reset these with gold. Mutations are split up into brutality, tactics and survial. They scale with scroll upgrades.

Heal orb

The orange health orb will refill your health potions between stages and grants full health on use.

The blacksmith

The blacksmith only appears in the collects room once you have passed about three stages. The blacksmith allows you to spend cells to grant a better chance at getting a higher rarity on items that drop during runs.


Normal run stages

  • Prisoners quarters.
  • Promenade of the condemned.
  • Toxic sewers.
  • Ramparts.
  • Stilt village (You must find two keys in this stage).

  • Clocktower (You will need to locate a key in order to proceed normally).

  • High peak castle (You’ll need to find two keys).

  • Throne room.

Optional stages

Some stages require an out of the way key or rune to access.


Use teleporters to fast travel around stages to save time.


You can find shops in stages that can provide upgrades or the ability to buy an equipment you desire.

Treasure chest

Can be found hidden in stages that grant gear or rare chance an enemy attack.

Cursed chest

A cursed chests can be found that grant buffs for a sacrifice, for example 10 kills while you’re a one shot until done.


You can examine doors and boxes for text or gold drops. Also some lore can be read here.

Tribute doors

Pay gold to unlock the door to what ever item or weapon is on the other side.


  • Elite enemies are normal enemies but buffed and harder to take down.
  • Elite enemies drops cells and certain stages a rune for use.
  • The castle has two elite enemies that’re needed to be killed to progress.
  • You can tell they’re elite because of the tag above their heads.


Dead cells has three main bosses that you don’t need to do anything extra to reach.


Accessed from the sewers and then the crypt.

Mama tick

  • Apart of the bad seed DLC.
  • Head to the banished and then the nest.
  • You must kill mushroom boi.

The giant

  • Unlock the gate to the cavern found in the grave yard.
  • Kill the hand of the king.
  • Guardian heaven.


Runes provide extra abilities to traverse stages or find loot. Some runes will need you to go out the way to get.

Vine rune

Allows you to traverse on a vine from the ground.

Warp rune

Allows short range warp from one of these statues.

Challengers rune

Opens the daily quest door in the prison quarters.

Ram rune

You can break certain parts of the ground.

Spider rune

Allows the use of wall climbs.


You must kill the hand of the king. You can use your head to go into certain areas.

Customization rune

Unlocks custom mode in the main menu.

Explorers rune

Shows points of interest on the map.



  • Killer instinct – Reduce skill cooldowns with combat.
  • Combo – Get damage boost after a kill for x seconds.
  • Vengeance – Get damage boost and x damage reduce for x seconds after taking damage.
  • Open wounds – Inflict bleeding.
  • Tainted flask – Using health potion adds base damage for x seconds.
  • Soldier res – Increases health and gives res to malaise.
  • Adrenalin – Melee attacks give health back.
  • Frenzy – Health on melee if speed boost.


  • Hunters instinct – Reduced cool down with non melee kills.
  • Support – 10% base damage near deployable.
  • Parting gift – Drops bomb on non melee kill.
  • Tranquility – Base damage increase if not in combat.
  • Ripper – Melee attacks cause arrows to come out enemy.
  • Scheme – Next melee att after skill is damage increase.
  • Inititive – First melee attack does more dps.
  • Predator – Killing enemy with melee makes u invisable for x sec.
  • Networking – Enemies with arrows in them share dps.
  • Crows foot – Rolling leaves leaves behind that do damage.
  • Tactical retreat – Dodging attack last minute slows the enemy.


  • Blind faith – Reduce cooldowns with parrys.
  • Counterattack – Following attack after parry is increased dps.
  • Extended healing – Your flask does more and does dps.
  • What doesn’t kill me – Recover health after parry.
  • Necromany – Get health back on kill.
  • Gastronomy – Effects of food do more.
  • Spite -Parrys inflict damage.
  • Frostbite – Enemies take damaged when slowed.
  • Heart of ice – Striking frozen enemy reduces cooldowns.


  • Master arms – Reduce cool downs on critcal hit.
  • Ammo – X2 ammo.
  • Li ox – Saves you once.
  • Recovery – Time to get health back is increased.
  • Emergency – Potions do less but much faster and invunerable.
  • Velocity – Running speed bonus.
  • Dead inside – 50% health and food no longer works.
  • Alienation – Curses give back health.
  • Acceptence – Killing enemies reduces curse but eating gives curse.
  • Masochist – Trap damage is capped and speed boost.
  • Disengagment – Shield when below 20% but has cool down.
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