NBA 2K21 – Locker Codes + Free VC

Locker Codes are text codes that you enter into the MyTeam menu that most often rewards you with a free player or pack. Locker Codes often expire after 1 week. Anyway locker codes are always a nice surprise in the NBA 2K series!

NBA 2K21 Locker Codes

Active NBA 2K21 Locker Codes

Here is a list of all the codes currently active in NBA 2K21:

  • SEASON-8-GAUNTLET-CHALLENGES – Season Rewind Pack.
  • DIAMOND-PLAYER-SHOES-AND-MORE – Diamond Series 3 Player, Diamond Shoe Pack, Diamond Contract Pack or Diamond Consumables Pack.
  • MYTEAM-TOKEN-DROP – 15, 25, 50, or 75 Tokens.
  • KD-MYTEAM-SIG-CHALLENGE – Free Agent Kevin Durant.
  • MYTEAM-COMMUNITY-HUB – 1 Token, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, Basketball Pack (Permanent)

Expired NBA 2K21 Locker Codes

  • COMMUNITY-HUB-LIMITED-MN66T – Flash 2 Pack, Flash 1 Pack, or Tokens.
  • SPLASH-ZONE-INVINCIBLE-SHAQ – Splash Zone pack, Badge Pack, or Tokens (July 2)
  • I-NEED-PD-RJ – Pink Diamond or Amethyst Richard Jefferson.
  • NEW-YEARS-RESOLUTION – Diamond Ja Morant, Pink Diamond Allen Iverson, Diamond Contract or Diamond Shoe.
  • MYTEAM-JAYCANADA-3RQM2 – Random pack.
  • SEASON-3-PETTIT-HARDEN – Season 3 Bob Pettit, Dirk Nowitzki, Walter Davis, or Jason Richardson Pack.
  • BEST-OF-2K21-DROP – Draft, Flash 3, Flash 4, Possessed, IDOLS Series I: Grant Hill Pack.
  • MYTEAM-KILLZAMOI-6BKG2 – Guaranteed random pack.
  • MYTEAM-POORBOYSIN-BN6XJ – Random pack.
  • MYTEAM-JDCROSSOVER-VSJ27 – Random pack.
  • KING-JAMES-4-RINGS – Emerald Lebron James.
  • MAMBA-FOREVER – Emerald Kobe Bryant.
  • CURRY-FOR-THREE – Emerald Steph Curry.
  • MYTEAM-MJ-SPOTLIGHT-CHALLENGES – Emerald Michael Jordan.
  • BRYANT-TO-SHAQ – Emerald Shaquille O’Neal. 
  • THE-NBA-IS-BACK – Diamond Ja Morant, Diamond Consumables pack or a Current Amethyst Player.
  • TATUM-AND-TACKO – Season 3 Pack.
  • RETRO-2K-VOL-1 – Retro 2K Vol 1 Pack.
  • MYTEAM-TRUST-THE-PROCESS – Joel Embiid, Jason Williams, Dirk Nowitzki, Walter Davis, Jason Richardson, or Devin Booker Pack.
  • J-WILL-DROPPIN-DIMES – Season 3: Jason Williams, Dirk Nowitzki, Walter Davis, Jason Richardson, or Devin Booker Pack.
  • SAME-FACE-NEW-PLACE – Double Take, Possessed, Draft or Finals Pack.
  • MT-FESTIVAL-ONE-WILL-RISE – One Will Rise Pack.
  • MT-FESTIVAL-TOKEN-MARKET – 3, 5 or 20 tokens. 
  • MYTEAM-FESTIVAL-DAY-2 – MT Festival, Deluxe Clutch, Deluxe Finals, Deluxe Possessed, or Deluxe Draft Pack.
  • MT-FESTIVAL-PACK – Festival Pack.
  • SEASON-3-DEVIN-BOOKER-PACK – Devin Booker Pack or Festival Pack.
  • MT-FESTIVAL-NEXT-IS-NOW – Next is Now Pack.
  • MYTEAM-FESTIVAL-BEGINS – MT Festival Pack or Diamond Contract Pack.
  • MYTEAM-THANKFUL-DIAMONDS – Diamond Ja Morant, a Diamond Contract, a Diamond Consumables Pack, or a Diamond Shoe.
  • MYTEAM-SEASON-OF-GIVING – Season 1 Super Pack, Season 2 Super Pack, or tokens.
  • IDOLS-KD-AND-PD-MJ – IDOLS KD, Grant Hill, Dominique Wilkins or Manu Ginobili Pack.
  • BRYANT-TO-SHAQ – Emerald Shaquille O’Neal.
  • MYTEAM-SEASON-2-SUPER-PACK – Tip-Off East, Tip-Off West, NBA Draft, Possessed, IDOLS: Grant Hill Pack, or Flash 3 Pack. 
  • NEXT-IS-NOW-SLEEPERS-PACKS – Sleepers, Loyalty, Team-Ups, International or Dunkers Pack.
  • WITH-THE-NEXT-PICK – Rookie Evo Card.
  • AD-LUKA-DRAFT-PACKS – Draft Packs.
  • 2020-ROOKIES-EVO-IN-MYTEAM – Evolution 2020 NBA Rookie.
  • MYTEAM-NEXT-GEN-IS-NOW – Amathyst Pack, Clutch Pack, Finals Pack, Possessed Pack, tokens or MTP.
  • VINCE-CARTER-GAME-WINNER – Emerald Vince Carter.
  • DRAFT-SLEEPERS-JDCROSSOVER-4WK – Draft Pack or Sleepers Pack.
  • DRAFT-SLEEPERS-HTB-TWBSZ – Draft Pack or Sleepers Pack.
  • DRAFT-SLEEPERS-KILLZAMOI-BVX82 – Draft Pack or Sleepers Pack.
  • DRAFT-SLEEPERS-POORBOYSIN-2VZ – Draft Pack or Sleepers Pack.
  • NEXT-IS-NOW-LOYALTY – Loyalty Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or token.
  • BIG-THINGS-COMING-SOON-11-18 – Clutch Pack, Possessed Pack or Finals Pack.
  • GLITCHED-KILLZAMOI-MLC2T – Flash 3 Pack, Contract Pack, or token.
  • GLITCHED-ZION-IN-MYTEAM – Flash 1, Flash 2 or Flash 3 Pack.
  • DEFEAT-BIG-3-TEAM-UPS – Redeem code for a chance at a Team-Ups Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or tokens.
  • MYTEAM-IDOLS-GRANT-HILL – Redeem code for a chance at a Idols Grant Hill Pack, Idols Manu Ginobili Pack, or Idols Dominique Wilkins Pack.
  • TEAM-UPS-PACK-IN-MYTEAM – Team-Ups Pack, International Pack, or Dunkers Pack.
  • HAPPY-POSSESSED-HALLOWEEN – Possessed Pack, 1313 MTP, or tokens.
  • T-MAC-IN-MYTEAM-POSSESSED – Possessed Pack, NBA Finals Pack, or Clutch Pack.
  • FLASH-RETURNS-IN-MYTEAM – Flash 2 Pack, Flash 1 Pack or Tokens.
  • INTERNATIONAL-PACK-OUT-NOW – International Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or tokens.
  • MYTEAM-DUNKERS-HAVE-LANDED – Redeem code for a chance at a Dunkers Pack, Gold Contracts Pack, or Gold Consumables Pack.
  • ONE-WILL-RISE-SUPER-PACK – Tip-Off East, Tip-Off West, Idols Manu, Idols Dominique, Flash 1, or Clutch Pack.
  • WELCOME-TO-NEXT-IS-NOW – Next is Now Tip Off East pack, Next Is Now Tip-Off West pack, or 3 Tokens.
  • NEXT-IS-NOW-JAY-CANADA-YD39Y – Next is Now Tip Off East pack, Next Is Now Tip-Off West pack, One Will Rise Tip-Off West pack, One Will Rise Tip-Off East pack or 1 Token.
  • NEXT-IS-NOW-HTB-JF923 – Next is Now Tip Off East pack, Next Is Now Tip-Off West pack, One Will Rise Tip-Off West pack, One Will Rise Tip-Off East pack or 1 Token.
  • CONGRATS-CHAMPION-LAKERS – One ’19-’20 Lakers player.
  • MYTEAM-FINALS-PACKS – Redeem code for a chance at a NBA Finals Pack, Playoff Records, Stoppers, Underdogs, Dimers or Back-to-Back Pack.
  • SET-A-RECORD-SPOTLIGHTS – Playoff Records Pack, Playoff Stoppers Pack, Playoff Underdogs Pack, Playoff Dimers Pack, or a Back-to-Back Pack.
  • 250K-GAMEDAY-1 – Finals, Clutch, Flash 1, or Idols Manu or Idols Dominique pack.
  • GLITCHED-JOHN-STOCKTON – Flash 1 Pack, 1,000 MTP, or 2 Tokens.
  • IDOLS-HIGHLIGHT-FILM – IDOLS Series I: Dominique Wilkins, IDOLS Series I: Manu Ginobili Pack or 2 Tokens.
  • NBA-FINALS-PLAYER – ’20 Lakers or Heat player for your MyTEAM.
  • UNDERDOGS-IN-MyTEAM – Playoff Underdogs Pack, Gold Consumables Pack or Contract Pack.
  • LEBRON-OR-BUTLER – Sapphire LeBron James or Jimmy Butler card.
  • ASSISTS-WITH-PLAYOFF-DIMERS – Playoff Dimers Pack, Gold Consumables, or 2 Tokens.
  • MYTEAM-IDOLS-MANU-PACK – IDOLS Series I: Manu Ginobili Pack, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, 2 Tokens, or 1,000 MyTEAM Points
  • BACK-TO-BACK-PACKS-CHALLENGES – Back-to-Back Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or a Base League Pack
  • CLUTCH-PACK-IN-MYTEAM – Clutch Pack, Gold Consumables Pack, or 2 Tokens
  • SPOTLIGHT-PLAYOFF-STOPPERS – Playoff Stoppers pack, Consumables pack, Contract pack or 1 Token
  • WELCOME-TO-ONE-WILL-RISE – East or West Season Tip Pack, 500 MTP or 1 Token

How to Redeem NBA 2K21 Locker Codes

  • Go to the MyTeam option on the main menu.
  • Then go to the Extra option.
  • And then select Locker Codes.
  • Enter the code from the list above.
  • Enjoy!
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