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Marvel's Avengers - Ms Marvel Build and Skills Overview (Khamala Khan)

Written by =FF= Doublejesus   /   Sep 5, 2020    

Welcome to the doublejesus Marvel's Avengers character overview and guide featuring Khamala Khan AKA Ms Marvel.

Ms Marvel Build Guide


Ms Marvel is a short to medium range melee focused brawler, with her long range options being limited to her Heroic Assault ability. To make up for this she is an absolute power house in medium range. Due to her ability to specialize into several different roles, three string count ground heavy and air light attack combos to synergize with perks and wide sweeping ground normals that cause crowd control at medium range. Power attacks that don't leave her as vulnerable as other characters and several options to break shields as well as every single heroic ability being extremely useful. With one of the best heroic ultimates in the game that turns bullet sponge enemies into paper, a move set and skill tree with a staggering amount of utility. Is it any wonder I am absolutely confident that the amazing Ms Marvel is just that and will be useful and highly effective for any situation or objective...provided it isn't shooting something at long range.

Power Breakdown/Skill Tree Explanation

This is your primary skill tree and what you will be focusing on until character level 15.

The next skill tree is your specialty tree which augments your heroic abilities and houses basic movement.

Finally the mastery tree, here we will specialize our characters to our tastes and to fit gear and play style.

Melee Light Attacks

Here we will display each of her abilities in glorious 2mb or less splendor.


Good ol' default light combo string and the one I choose to typically use over her heavy attack variant in target rich environments. This causes knockback but that's perfect for wading in through waves of chaff to go beat down on the high health loot pinatas. You get a slightly wider range if you swing your thumb stick back and forth with her swings.

Leg Sweep

Now her optional attack after performing a dodge, again the right type of cc to keep enemies stationary for ally retribution and a very wide area of attack (Dodge abilities do not have to be used right away but there is a window you should grow comfortable with over several hours of game play).

Spin Kick

The running optional light attack, like her other light attacks this one does a wide range when compared to the heavy attack version.

Whirlwind Wallop

Here we have her charged light shield breaker, this leaves Ms Marvel airborne which can lead to taking damage as she has no air dodge. However due to her quick frames it is not unusable, and you will mostly use it as you attempt to interact chests and computers.

Air Light Attacks

Flying Fists

Airborne light attack combo string, the up side to this is her string is much shorter in the air making it the optimal choice to abuse light combo finisher perks.I prefer her four skill cost charge power attack is my preferred airborne attack at higher character levels if I am feeling safe in the air. Otherwise I avoid aerial combat when lots of rockets and other slow moving or homing projectiles are present.

There apparently is no order, only chaos.

Double Down

The air version of her light shield break. Slightly shorter frames than the ground version and a decent option to get to the floor on your own terms without all those pesky shield boys getting in your way.

Melee Heavy Attacks

Five Finger Fury

Here is Ms Marvels basic Heavy combo string, a three count string makes it decent for heavy finishers. However I find myself using light attacks more as the wider range of attacks provide me with more safety from unshielded common enemies.

S.P.I.N.ning Heel Strike

A heavy combo finisher, for your light attack string. I don't use this often because of its very high combo count of six. Regardless it is a way for you to use light attacks and still make use of heavy attack perk synergy without sacrificing your ground game. High damage, low frame count, line attack type skill makes this the go to finisher for spamming lights on single targets.

Double Barrel Punch

Ms Marvels ground power attack is one of the few heavy power attacks I've seen that you can really get away with using at medium range. Others require you to be to close to the target during initial windup and/or have to many frames in the animation. Making them inferior to the perfect storm of this attack.(will update when I play cap n thor) It is still quite a long animation. However you will still be punished if used at the incorrect range or against the stronger and faster enemy types. Which leads us into....

Catapult Kick

This is the second hit in her heavy power attack combo and is typically best used for static, grouped up inanimate targets. She clips through many character and terrain hit boxes while performing the jump even if her hit box collides with theirs and the enemy or object is immovable. It can be potentially used in very close quarters hallway situations, preferably against a wall as this does not produce a preferred crowd control type for continued enemy dps. However use sparsely or against already crowd controlled units, or in conjunction with her polymorph intrinsic power ability for increased damage and survival during long animations.

Rubber Band Bash

This is the heavy attack dodge option, very, very fast animation and travel distance the go to for quick single target damage and effects after dodging an attack (dodge attacks do not have to be used right away but there is a window you should grow comfortable with over hours of play).

Sliding Kick

This is her heavy attack option when sprinting, useful against a line of enemies or single target strong enemy fights for the extra damage and aoe the light option has.

Melee Air Heavy Attacks

Hammering Strike

I don't use this basic ability that often as I prefer heavy power attack or go home, but this is your only air heavy option for low levels.

Hammer Fist

This is the first in a multi-skill heavy power attack air combo. very effective at causing a small aoe of high impact medium cc and damage. Also briefly homes in on the nearest auto lockable target, or your current locked on target before firing off the punch. Which leads us into...

Fists of Justice

What a brutal display of vehement violence and vicious vulgarity. Just look at it, I think it speaks for itself. This is very powerful especially against enemies that rely on ground aoe attacks. Be wary with all air and long animation abilities, against using them when faced with several ranged enemies and snipers.

Iron Spike

My winner for best heavy metal band name in the characters skill tree. A quick effective finisher for this heavy power attack air combo, gets you out of the air and back into the fray ready to take advantage of the havoc you just caused with the previous skills.

Ranged Attacks

Whip Fist

Medium distance ranged attack that leaves you almost entirely immobile and prevents you from using your intrinsic power due to sharing the same key press. There are several different perks on gear that add elements to different skills in your ranged attack skill tree including this basic attack.


This is where things get interesting, while this isn't the highest damage ability you can use out the gate, the sheer hilarity of the jank as well as good utility when investing further into to this skill line makes it an acceptable choice to kill single, high health enemies or take out frustration. Pro Tip: You can grab large enemies when they are shrunk by Pym Particles or if you embiggen.

Crushing Grasp

This has to be one of the most visceral feeling abilities I've used in the game, if you have the intrinsic energy you can continue the crush. This leaves you vulnerable and stationary, best used in multiplayer or against single(non-villian) enemy fights. If you have a perk that adds elemental damage and status effect to your ranged power attacks, this ability will apply them if you squeeze them and have the energy to keep pumping them full of damage over time. There is currently a bug with Pym particles, the enemy will pop out of your hand as soon as they're shrunk so avoid using Pym on ranged power attacks until it's fixed. Unless you are power leveling then go ahead just use highest power pym gear till end game power, then you should be picky about stats.


This is what I like to call the, "Grabbing an enemy sounded really good until I realized the other ten guys right next to us aren't taking to kindly to that prospect." Good bit of aoe damage while also getting rid of the grabbed character. There is also a skill that gives it elemental damage, but as of right now MS Marvel is one skill point short of a full build.

Panic Button

This is it, my vote for the top skill on the chopping block for that missing skill point. Here's the reasoning, if you're doing enemy based elemental damage you have a decent chance of doing damage to enemies that are that element and resistant to it. I have this skill because I didn't realize I was one point short, lets just say it's not leaving dozens of robot parts in its wake.

Aerial Spike

Air version of Nutcracker.

Intrinsic Abilities

All characters have intrinsic power and some do wildly different things, this one doesn't it's in many ways like hulks rage with various different mechanics. The biggest difference being that hulk can sustain rage generation much more effectively in combat without having to use rage intelligently if he doesn't want to. It's almost poetic.


Self explanatory, you'll wanna try and tap this on yellow or blue attacks(red bad dodge red) and reserve holding it down for healing or damage output.

Hip Check

Allows you to use tapping to dodge with no intrinsic meter(timing can be tight) Also turns your dodge into a Wait where's Parry.

Morning Star

Let's you do a counter attack after performing a parry. Good for continuing the punishment with low frame count. Second on the list for best death metal band names till I googled it and found out it was taken in the 70's so it gets a participation ribbon.

Heroic Abilities





Written by =FF= Doublejesus.