CreativeDestruction – Basic Guide (Battle Royale, Buildings and Weapons)

In this guide, I will help beginners understand the mode: Battle Royale, building basics, weapons and game features.

Guide to Basics

How to Play It and What Is It?

Creative Destruction – This game almost completely copies the mechanics and graphics of Fortnite. There is the same bright cartoon picture, funny animation and a sandbox system that allows you to build forts and destroy any other buildings.

Well, for those who are completely in a tank, Creative Destruction is a game with a Battle Royale mode (one of the genres of massively multiplayer online games that combines elements of a survival simulator with a last man standing mode).

Types of Weapons

There are tons of different weapons in this game, from ordinary pistols, PPs, shotguns, Automatic and Sniper rifles, to Minigun, Bow, RPG, Flamethrower, etc. Everyone will find a weapon for themselves, for a comfortable and successful game.

Fitches of the Game

Since the game is mobile and ported to the PC, the features and bugs of the mobile version have been preserved, they are not particularly frightening and will not interfere with the gameplay.

Fitch: There are loot boxes from which various types of weapons, first-aid kits, armor, ammunition can drop out. As in Fortnite, construction is one of the keys to your victory. Unusual boost-Rocket, on which you can ride and fly into the construction of another player and break his entire fort; Gemini – with the help of it you can create your own copy and attract the attention of the enemy; Flying forts -The same fort, but only on wheels and with a large supply of HP. Fun and uniqueness of this game is its main guarantee, a complete revelry for your thoughts.

How to Get Top 1 or Get Into Top 10

As in all genres of battle royale, there are bots here (Average number of bots is 30), this will help you to farm loot, join the game and not die for the first time minutes of the game. The main guarantee of victory is “Build and hide”. Since after killing 30 bots, there are already players and on your fear and skill, you will decide – “Kill” or “Wait tactically”.

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