Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War – Coupon Codes

Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War – is free-to-play turn-based SRPG developed by Neowiz. This coupon codes will give you some free rewards, check all the working codes and read other useful info about the game in our guide.

All Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War Coupon Codes

Active and Valid Codes

  • playKOH: Redeem this coupon code to get 100 crystals as a free gift

How to Redeem Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War Coupon Codes

  1. Click on the 3 lines (top right corner of the screen).
  2. Choose Settings, the last button.
  3. Stay on the account tab and press Coupon button.
  4. Enter the coupon code and click Confirm button.
  5. Check and receive the reward in your mailbox.

How to Play Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War

Legit Turn-based RPG!

  • Turn-based tactical battle on a hexagon battlefield!
  • Engage in thrilling strategy with your Heroes’ every turn!
  • Begin your journey in a fantasy world to unite the Lorasian continent beside powerful Heroes.

Various Heroes pictured in a very fantastically illustrated world of fantasy

  • Form your best party by making numerous Hero line-ups with Heroes of specialised skills.
  • Identical Heroes will perform otherwise betting on graphic symbol composition.
  • Combine Heroes to summon even additional powerful Heroes.

Test your strategy in numerous modes

  • Test the bounds of your Heroes! : Tower of Arrogance.
  • Acquire the most effective graphic symbols for your Heroes! : Rune Dungeon.
  • Dominate your opponents along with your terribly own Hero line-up : Arena.
  • Awaken the hidden powers of your Heroes : rousing Valley.
  • Collect Hero items to summon Heroes : Rift Dungeon.
  • Join a society and participate in society Raids to fight daily bosses and triumph in society Wars with friends.
  • Defeat the all powerful adventurer from a unique realm : Alter Realm.

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