Among Us – How to Win as a Crewmate (The Skeld Map)

This guide is a very simple explanation of the easiest way to catch the imposters in the map “The Skeld.” It is very simple and not as complex as you might think. I really hope you enjoy, support this guide for even more guides for different maps.

Winners Guide for Crewmate (The Skeld Map)

Ignore Your Tasks

While tasks are technically the jobs of the crewmates, we won’t be using them in this tutorial. Unless your playing with a group of friends who know what they’re doing, it can be a real hassle trying to complete it with everyone leaving.

Head to Security and Check Cams

The next step is simple enough. You just have to head to security and check the cams for suspicious activity. This isn’t only looking for dead people though. If you memorize the locations of the cams, you can see if two people enter a one-way room and only one comes out. Doing stuff like this will allow you to keep track of player locations and activities helping you determine if they are the imposter.

Report to Your Teammates

The final step is to report to your teammates your findings during your discussion. The problem is they might not believe you. The best thing you could say is “if it’s not (Color), you can vote me out next.” only do this if your positive, though, as it could end badly for you if you’re wrong. Thankfully, most people will believe you if they have no other evidence to go off of.

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