Remnant: From the Ashes – Ultimate Guide to Subject 2923 DLC (Weapons, Armors, Mods etc)

All About Subject 2923 DLC


This guide requires the Subject 2923 DLC to work effectively. While you can make this work without this DLC it will suffer from being at its full potential. Optional alternatives will be suggested in Amulets for none Subject 2923 builds.


The required Amulet for this build is as follows:

  • Charcoal Necklace Subject 2923 – Reisum.
  • Increases Fire damage from all sources by 15% and Burning damage by 50%.

This amulet is the major keystone in this build that gives it that pow pow. 3x Burning hurts.

Non Subject 2923 DLC Alternatives

Galenic Charm

Provides just flat base 25% mod damage from all the mods.

Brutal Mark

Once again alternative, once an enemy is below 50% hp you will do 25% more damage from all sources.

Once again the Charcoal Necklace should be the considered the a majority of the damage comes from Burning status and the constant fire damage.


For weapons

Hand Gun

  • The default choice should be Spitfire. Though alternatives will be provided with open mod slots.
  • Spitfire – Does fire damage, and has flamethrower that does more fire… And burns… So more fire.
  • SMG – High rate of fire, Open mod slot allows for choice between fire mods.
  • Machine Pistol – Once again High rate of fire, open mod slot. Higher effective range.

Pick between the following but ideally you want something that is not a boss weapon.

Long Gun

  • Beam Rifle – Fast rate of fire, Stable open mod slot.
  • Assault Rifle – Fast rate of fire, Stable open mod slot.
  • Chicago Typewriter – Fast rate of fire, Stable open mod slot.
  • Alternator – Comes with fire mod, if you like it use it if you don’t, don’t.


You have a few while limited choices for mods on none boss guns.

Choice #1

  • Hot Shot – Converts all shots to Fire. Has a 10% chance to burn.
  • This mod goes well with other aspects of the build along with give more damage and going well with the high right of fire weapons.

Choice #2

  • Wildfire Shot – Fire AoE damage that gets all effected by the area. And does lots of fire…
  • This mod is handy for crowd control or area denial. Enemies that run through this tend to be an extremely low health that get near you.


If you picked up on a running them this is an Osseous sets however there are alternative armors that can be used. First choice is recommended to be Osseous but if you want a non-Osseous optionals will be provided.

  • Osseous – Bloodlust 35% more damage to the target after hitting the break point. Due to the Spitfires high rate of fire you should be able to hit this threshold easily. Then switch on the flamethrower. So 15% Fire damage + 35% starts adding up before we get to the ring options.
  • Labyrinth Armor – +50% mod damage. This makes the fire mods hurt more. Fun alternative if you want to more magey and less shocktrooper.
  • Void – +25% damage from all sources. So fire. Mods, Ranged. Also provides more survivability when hit.
  • Warlords – +40% damage. More glass cannon burst but if its your thing we’re just going to leave it here. Not ideal first choice.


By now you are wondering what rings this build will be using. Simply put there are three that I have found I would recommend one again two of these are Subject 2923. Pick two that you want.

Spirit Stone – Base game

Increases mod generation. +10% mod damage. Allows for you fill up faster mods to keep applying burning status.

Burden of the Warlord – Subject 2923

Lower effective range by 50% for doing 15% more damage to everything. Includes your Ranged damage and Burning DoTs.

Prismatic Diamond Ring – Subject 2923

Increased elemental damage by 10% this allows for a flat 10% damage increase across the board when running Hot Shot as a mod choice as it increases the damage of the shots fire while under the duration of the Hot Shot.

Gravity Stone* – Base Game

  • Flat 20% more damage under the right conditions.
  • *Included as possible option for those that wish to try without Subject 2923 DLC.

Melee Weapons

Really comes down to what melee weapon you find comfortable. Though true believers of the Flammenwerfer use Smolder. (Though really it doesn’t matter so play style choice.)

Additional Notes

Additional notes is that Corroded status effects the damage of DoTs in general. This includes Burning and Bleeding. So if you wish to swap something around that will allow for the application of Corroded feel free.

If you have suggestions or additional information please leave a comment below.

P.S. Immolators and Singe are jerks.

Thank you for reading if you reached. I hope you will try this and enjoy the setting fire to everything you pyro you.

Written by Omaclaro

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