Among Us – How to Get Secret Event Hats (Christmas)

This is a quick and simple guide on how to obtain 9 secret cosmetic items in 2020 that were originally released on Christmas of 2018.

Guide to Obtain Secret Event Hats

Change the Windows Clock

Locate the “adjust date/ time” setting easily by right clicking the displayed date on your task bar. From this new pop up window select “Adjust date/time”.

Disable the “Set Automatically” Setting

Click on the “on” switch under “Set time automatically” to turn this option off.

Go Back in Time to Christmas 2018

Now, click the “Set date and time manually” change button and change the month, day, and year to December 25, 2018. Be sure to click save.

Launch Among Us

The final step is to launch among us. Once your in, host a match and your good to go! You should see 9 new festive hats in your inventory. Once you reset your PC’s clock they will stay there for good!

Note: New cosmetics in red lines.

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