Necromunda: Underhive Wars – How to Restart a Mission (in Operations)

NPC’s getting stuck in walls? Not able to complete a mission due to a bug, dont forfeit it risking your gang getting injured and losing your backpacks/gear. Instead do this, till issues are solved, or a restart mission button is added.

Quick Fix Guide

The last enemy in an operation mission got stuck, and nothing I would do would let me attack it, or would it reset to another position, once it was stuck inside the walls. I decided to forfeit but once I red the penalties fine print, I chose to look for a fix.

I didnt find any, so i gave it a go trying different things. This is what worked, and it can be done with the game running.

Locate your save folder

If youve played the campaign/operation your save folder located in “/user/name/appdata/local/necromunda” should contain files named as such:

  • Commander_somenumber.sav
  • GameUserSettings_somenumber.sav
  • Gang_somenumber.sav
  • Profile_somenumber.sav
  • Mission_somenumber.sav


Move the Mission_somenumber.sav file to another folder. Do not delete any other file. And remember to copy this file somewhere else, till youve done the next step.

Then click in the game on load gang, and select your gang, this will send you to the operations menu, to the moment right before you launched the mission you where on.

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