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FaceRig - Complete Achievement Guide

Written by alphabetsoup   /   Sep 10, 2020    

How to Obtain All Achievements

Note: Use the Advanced UI. Click "Switch to Advanced UI" in the top menu before starting.

This gives you two menus to play with: one along the top and one on the right. These menus are used to unlock most achievements.

FaceRig Addict

  • Run FaceRig 100 times.
  • Counter increases after the initial loading screen.

First Pick

  • Change avatar (1st time).

Bronze Picker

  • Change avatar 25 times.

Silver Chooser

  • Change avatar 50 times.

Gold Digger

  • Change avatar 100 times.

I've been places

  • Use 10 backgrounds.
  • Self-explanatory.

Avatars aren't categorised by type anywhere, so there's no way to know what is considered feline/canidae/fluffy/scary. I suggest just switching to every avatar you own.

Below are my best guesses but I can't guarantee its accuracy. Personally, I had the following 14 Avatar DLCs installed, with the bolded ones probably needed for achievements:

  • Legrand Legacy (free DLC).
  • Team Fortress 2 Avatars (free DLC).
  • Octodad Free Avatar (free DLC).
  • Starbound Free Avatars (free DLC).
  • Halloween Avatars 2014.
  • Halloween Avatars 2015.
  • DreadOut Avatars (free DLC).
  • Live2D Module.
  • Winter Holidays Avatars 2015
  • Trials Fusion (free DLC).
  • Warriors.
  • Strong Paws.
  • Political Avatars (free DLC).
  • Pewdieverse (free DLC).

Cat Lady

  • Use all the feline avatars.
  • Requires Strong Paws DLC.

Man's best friends

  • Use all the canidae avatars.
  • Unsure if any DLC are required. Doesn't look like there are canidae avatars in any of the DLC though.

Fur, it soothes me

  • Use all fluffy avatars.
  • Requires Winter Holidays Avatars 2015 DLC.

Boohooo, I'm a monster!

  • Use all scary avatars.
  • Requires Halloween Avatars 2014, Halloween Avatars 2015, DreadOut Avatars DLC.

We make good team!

  • Use all TF2 avatars.
  • Requires free Team Fortress 2 Avatars DLC.

So kawai

  • Use Live2D avatars more than 30 times.
  • Requires Live2D Module DLC.

Modding is so cool!

  • Load workshop/custom items 30 times.
  • Download some custom avatars from the Workshop page before launching. Can just download two and switch between them.

Popularity award

  • Use 10 props.

I'm so creative

  • Add 5 props to a single avatar.
  • Props can be accessed from the third tab in the Avatars window. Not all 10 props need to added to the same avatar for Popularity award.

I'm a Makeup Artist!

  • Customize 20 avatars.

Remodeling is my life

  • Customize 10 backgrounds.
  • Edit the any of the options in the 2nd (and beyond) tabs in the "Avatars" and "Environments" windows. Must customize 20 separate avatars and 10 separate backgrounds. Exporting the options to a file isn't necessary.


  • Reset to default 20 times.
  • "Reset All Configurations to Default" button in the top menu. Press 20 times.

Graffiti artist on the rise

  • Create and save an overlay layout.
  • "Add text and image overlay editor" option in the right menu. Add text or image and save the layout to unlock the achievement.

Simon Says

  • Use pupeteering.
  • Disable the Face Tracker, and modify some of the options in the "Pose Avatar" window in the right menu.

Woooohooo, spinning is fuun!

  • 360 Rotate an avatar in a background.
  • Load a 3D background (see the background's description to know if its 2D or 3D) and rotate the background around the avatar a full rotation. Default key binding is CTRL + Mouse LB drag. See key bindings in options and look for "Rotate around the Avatar".


  • Use lipsync for 300 minutes.
  • Enable the "Toggle Audio based Lipsync" button in the top menu. Should be a slider bar with a lips icon in the top left when enabled. Can be combined with most other timed achievements.

Alter ego

  • Broadcast for 240 minutes.
  • Enable the "Toggle Broadcast" button in the top menu. Should say "Broadcasting" in the top left when enabled. Can be combined with most other timed achievements.

A man has no face

  • Spend 60 minutes with no face detected.
  • Enable the Face Tracker and point elsewhere/block the camera. Should say "Face Tracker Initializing" in the top left corner. Can be combined with most other timed achievements.

Hello, who is this?

  • Use voice effects for 120 minutes.
  • Add at least one voice effect in "Voice Effects" window (right menu). Can be combined with most other timed achievements.

That's some way to hold your tongue

  • Hold the avatar's tongue out for 30 minutes.

Get your hands up in the air!

  • Play with the avatar's hands (special actions or through multi-sensor update) for 30 minutes.
  • Enable both "Enable Custom Actions" and "Show Custom Actions Panel" under the Behaviour tab in the Avatars window. This adds a window with four smiley faces to the main screen.
  • Click and drag the top right smiley to control your avatar's tongue. The bottom two control the hands.
  • Can be combined with most other timed achievements.

But first, a selfie

  • Take first screenshot.

Make an album or die trying

  • Take 50 screenshots.
  • Self-explanatory. The "Screenshot" button is in the top menu.

Scene 2 Act 9 Take 2014, Action!

  • Record 30 performances.

A Flint Westwood film

  • Export a performance.

Coming to cinemas near you

  • Export more than 60 minutes worth of movies.
  • It's "Gif", not "Jif": Export a Gif.

Playback is easy

  • Play performance for 60 minutes.
  • Create performances with the "Record Performance" button in the top menu. These are saved as *.rpl files.
  • Use the "Export Performance as Movie" button to export as a movie or gif (separate tab).
  • The export doesn't need to finish for the time to count towards Coming to cinemas near you. Just start it, let it export a frame and cancel it. For example, if the performance is 5 minutes, start/abort the export process 12 times for the achievement.
  • Use the "Play Performance" button to play the *.rpl files locally. They loop automatically so this can be idled.

Track THIS!

  • Load video as input source.
  • Only accepts *.avi files (who still uses them these days lol). Free samples can be found online. Use the "Load Video as Input Source" button in the top menu.

Wow, they still make those?

  • Use a karaoke audio and text file.


  • Play karaoke for more than 120 minutes.
  • Add a *.kar karaoke file to the playlist in the "Karaoke Panel" (right menu) and play it for Wow, they still make those?. Free samples can be found online.
  • Set the playlist to repeat and let it run for 120 minutes for Superstar.

Written by alphabetsoup.

Game:   FaceRig