Foxhole – Weapons Damage Guide

A quick guide on damage stats of weapons and explosives in Foxhole.


This guide tested weapons and explosives at the firing range that is available on certain in-game maps. The firing range gives us exact damage figures that the weapon outputs. This is useful as we know that a player has 100 health.

For firearms there is a certain amount of variation that can occur so I will give the mean damage as an “exact” figure as well as the upper and lower range of damage (Means were rounded to the nearest whole number). Each weapon was fire 30 times and the damage recorded. This first series of tests were conducted at close range (10m) later I will expand the guide to look at damage drop-off at longer ranges at 30m and possible 50-60m.

Explosives consistantly gave the same figure so they were only used 3 times to confirm this (remembering that the range only gives 100% damage of explosive damage and does not account for radius/splash damage drop-off). This guide doesn’t go into the damage multipliers but may soon include figures on how many items are needed to destroy certain structures.

Foxhole - Weapons Damage Guide


10m Mean / 10m Lower-Upper

  • Pistol: 37 / 30-45
  • Revolver: 76 / 67-84
  • Rifle: 60 / 51-75
  • Carbine: 50 / 40-60
  • Storm Rifle: 46 / 40-52
  • SMG: 34 / 28-40
  • HMG: 72 / 67-84
  • Shotgun: Unknown

The Shotgun does not register damage on the firing range this will be tested soon on player models once a reliable way to account for spread has been found – however at point blank range it sometimes instantly criticals an enemy which means it could do 100 damage in optimal conditions. This damage drops off and the distance increases.


  • Frag Grenade: 200
  • HE Grenadel: 250
  • Green Ash: 25 per sec. for 8 sec.
  • Sticky Bomb: 800
  • Satchel Charge: 800
  • Mortar: 500
  • R.P.G: 500

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