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Swords 'n Magic and Stuff - How to Key Farm (New Way to Get Money)

Written by ILikApples   /   Sep 22, 2020    

Key Farm Guide

What is Key Farming?

Key farming is a fast way to make money in the game. It needs 20 minutes to get 1200 gold (1 Coin per Second).

What You Need

To Key Farm you need to be out side of the starting boat but you can do it anytime after that. If you have a Glider it makes the process faster but you don't need one.

How to Key Farm

To start the process close your game and reopen it in steam. Then you should be on the top of the starting boat.

  1. Jump or Glide of the boat on to the dock.
  2. Make your way over and past Grogg.
  3. Go through the small training grounds to the bush by the stairs.
  4. Search around the bush and grab the Captain's Key.
  5. Run over to the boat where you started.
  6. Open the chest in the Captain's Quarters (under the place that you opened the game from).
  7. Grab the Sailors Hat and close and reopen the game.

Each Hat is Worth 80 Coins each.

This equation for how many hats you need:

Coins needed Divided by 80 = hats needed (always round up).

Written by ILikApples.