Crossout – How to Get Rare Parts as a Beginner

The easiest way!

Get Maxed on Scrap with Brawls

The best Brawl for this is the Big Black Scorpions because everybody plays the same car.
Timetable if you need it:

Crossout - How to Get Rare Parts as a Beginner

Get Money

  • After you hit the limit sell the Scrap on the market.
  • Simply right click on the Scrap in your inventory and select ‘Trade’.
  • Sell 2 stacks of x1000 and 8 stacks of x100.

Buy Parts

Some tips:

  • Don’t buy for full price
  • Test the parts before you buy them, go to the Exhibition
  • The AC43 Rapier is literally the worst choice

I recommend these parts:

  • Jawbreaker
  • Fuel+ tank
  • Light engine
  • Hazardous generator

More Tips

Get the Wires!
There is no reason to play regular missions, because you can’t get scrap after you hit the limit.
However with your new powerful Rare parts you are able to play the ‘Get the Wires!’ mission.

  • Grind these wires until the cap resets
  • Level up (Daily +400% bonus for the first 60k exp!)
  • Choose faction after you hit level 10
  • Don’t forget to use your daily fuel to get copper from Raids

Soon you will be able to afford Epics!

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