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Sands of Salzaar - How to Create The Most Masculine Alpha Male

Written by DEUS Quercus   /   Sep 29, 2020    

Guide to Create The Most Masculine Alpha Male


Ever since mankind established basic society, alongside law and functions, a distinctive subject was viewed with increasing interest. This subject was fundamental to civilisation, the idea of weeding out the weak and inducting the strong. Essentially, this idea was to create a powerful figure which would lead valiantly lead his country into prosperity. Various fables bring light to such figures, with Hercules and Thor in particular being depicted universally for their immense strength and fortitude. These heroes however, only pale in comparison to what I have accomplished. I have created, with natures will a paragon of masculinity, a being which exudes a sense a divine sense to everyone he encounters. His strength, looks and wisdom are equal to none. I have in essence created our saviour, a being which will be imperative to returning this shattered realm into serenity.

The Significance Of An Alpha Male

For all those who are unable to perceive why an alpha male is necessary, allow me to reiterate in more simple terms. An alpha male is destined to lead his country, propelling his realm into a golden age, a period of tranquillity. Furthermore, they will be eligible and fully capable in breeding with the most nubile women, producing heirs which will competently carry forth the legacy, hoisting the ancestral banner up high.

An Above Average Specimen

Before conducting my research on creating an alpha, I delved into merely creating those with unique attributes. While the being I initially created, pales in comparison to my newfound creation, it must be acknowledged that this being possesses exceptional characteristics. It is likely that the success of this creation paved the way for the alpha to be created and for that, I will honour Aleo always. Below is an image of Aleo, observe his thick facial hair, his muscular physique and his feline mask, fully encapsulating his mysterious persona.

Average Individual

Before we reach the opening stages of producing an alpha, it is imperative to be able to fully distinguish and spot an average man, when compared to an alpha. As the image below depicts, average men are low in stature, measuring at 170cm, relatively brittle, with a thin frame and are effectively ordinary in every aspect. In comparison to alpha's such as myself and Changzhou, they are miniature beings, only worthy of being led.

Fundamental Advice

Before we begin, it is imperative that the follower initial ingredients are administered. They are essential to the success of the mission.

Firstly, it is imperative that when attempting to discern the ideal class, to choose the Shaman build. This is because Shaman's are fully attuned to their inner bestial nature, an internal, unconscious way of contemplation, which they will require to competently and efficiently lead and govern their lands.

Secondly and lastly, do not choose any skills in the ability table. Do not fall prey to the tempting seductress, who wishes to weaken you, instilling within your mind a sense of complacency. It is a universal fact that alpha's are never complacent, they are never given trinkets, instead they plunder for them. Alpha's are not spoon fed baby powder at birth, but instead learn to hunt and fight, like true men do. It is with this reason, that skills will only serve as a detriment when producing an Ubermensch, they do not require skills for they already inherently possess unrivalled strength and charisma.

Creating Our Alpha Male

Creating an alpha male is a long and strenuous process, involving numerous steps. Firstly to produce our ideal specimen, ensure that their eyes are spaced unnaturally apart. While appearing peculiar, it is an adaptive mechanism, giving the alpha the ability to possess exceptional fore vision, being less likely to be ambushed or surrounded. Afterwards, produce bushy eyebrows and move them, so they form a cross on the users forehead. This is employed to signify their warriors spirit and resolve. The eyebrows will not be permanently depicted as a cross and will revert to normal in the final result, however, the sigil of a cross will perpetually remain. It is vital that you adorn your alpha with facial hair, possibly whiskers, to further encapsulate their inherent masculinity. Afterwards, possibly adorn them with a hat or replica wolf head, to symbolise their ascent into alpha territory. Below, are the initial images of how your alpha should aesthetically appear. Note the images are different in terms of facial hair, to prove that any type of facial hair is unable to detract from the alpha's overall appearance.

Now that we have a tangible prototype all that's required is some fine tuning, to perfectly hone this beautiful specimen. Below will be a series of prototypes tested and analysed.

Can you witness the flowing, onyx coloured locks flowing throughout this alpha's scalp? The sword, ready to be bellow the hiss of steel as it's released from it's scabbard? Most significantly observe the facial hair, which exudes a sense of nobility. Despite, all the positive characteristics, this prototype is missing a feature, required to fully ascend our Ubermensch into divinity.

Magnificent, we have created an identical replica of a Buddhist monk. Observe the smooth, albeit powerful head, the bushy eyebrows and that charming moustache, which invigorates an onlookers very being. In a regular scenario, this prototype would be considered worthy, but alas in the name of nature we have to delve deeper into the deep ravines of medical science.

Oh, I appear to be blushing profusely, who is this handsome fellow? His facial hair, his genuine hair, alongside that rugged, muscular body, a physique obviously acquired from working as a blacksmith. I can sense it, we are gradually nearing closer to creating our alpha.

The Alpha Male Changzhou

It has finally arrived, our alpha male. Originating from the lands of Shanghai, Changzhou towers above his peers, possessing an impressive height of 180cm. What's more, is that he possesses similar, albeit more divine appearing features, compared to his brethren in Shanghai. It is safe to say that this man is a wolf, the alpha of his pack. Observe his distinctive features, he has been enhanced to develop extraordinary features, which will prove vital to triumphing in combat. His eyes are spaced apart to increase his visual proximity and depth. He wears a revealing shirt to elucidate his physique. He has neatly trimmed facial hear to simultaneously appear elegant yet masculine. He has a well refined, profound nose, one which charmingly camouflages into his appearance. He wears a default fearsome expression, one which undoubtedly terrifies his adversaries into submission. Lastly, in true warrior fashion, his hair has been fashioned to bear similarities to Christian monks. This is done to symbolise how the alphas sturdy and powerful skull does not require protection, having the ability to break through metal and concrete, virtually unscathed.

Now that we have established our alpha, it is significant to prepare him for the inevitable, fancy masquerade parties. The images below demonstrate our alpha wearing two feline masks, which are believed to best compliment his appearance and striking features.

In Summary

In summary, you have no learnt how to develop and produce an alpha, one which will shake the very foundations of this world as we know it. The alpha we have produced is rivalled only by those possessing a similar calibre to Hercules and Thor themselves. Overall, remember viewers, by creating this specimen we are enlightening our world. We are creating a utopia, a future society where external threats such as war and invasion will be non existent, ultimately, we will be able to live in tranquillity. May the seasons be ever in your favour.

Written by DEUS Quercus.