Paladins – Five Things to Become a Better Flanker

In this guide I am going to show you some tips & tricks on how to become a better flanker.

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All credit goes to Flyo!

A lot of good flankers know this. Taking advantage of the timing can be a game changing tactic. Taking advantage of people while they are low is massive.

For example: You are trying to capture the point and you are low health. The last thing you want to see is an Androxus. Be that Androxus. If you just wait for the enemies to be on low health and attack when they dont expect is a great way to be a better flanker.

Know What Your Flanker Does Well

This might sound confusing, but it’s not. If you know what champion your flanker can face is a great way to improve.

For example: Drogoz is flying around the map, getting some kills, but then Androxus shows up and now the whole thing changes. Or, Kinessa is playing back, camping and getting kills, I dont think she would like and Evie/Maeve next to her.
Knowing what your flank champion can encouter the best is a great way of improving.

Know What to Buy

Normal flankers are something like: “Alright, I am playing Lex, I thing Nimble would work well so I can chase everyone,hmm, maybe some Illuminate will work, I dont want anybody to spot me.”

Buy something that actually can help you kill your targets, for example Cauterize or Wrecker is a great choice. Why would you buy Nimble, Veteran or Deft Hands when your champion has a good attack and reload speed? If you get Cauterize and stop your enemy from healing you can get a lot more kills.

Some items that are worth spending credits on : Cauterizce, Wrecker, Life Rip, Heaven, Blast Shields


Ok, this might sound stupid, but there are plenty of people that dont know how to aim properly, even though there is a simple way of improving.

Know your settings.

By knowing what DPI and sensivity works best for you is a great way of improving. Once you know that, all you got to to is practice.

Work as a Team

Paladins is a team-based game, you cant play all alone by yourself, especially when you are a flanker.

For example: Evie is on the point all by herself and there is a Makoa and a Fernando in front of her.
If you know what your team’s goals are, you can improve a lot as a flanker. Flankers dont have much health, they cant do 1v5’s everytime. Knowing how your team is playing is a great way to improve. A flanker can carry a game, but it doesn’t have to be that way everytime.

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