Spelunky 2 – How to Unlock Shortcuts

This guide will explain how to unlock all three Shortcuts. But just note it does contain spoilers, read with at your own risk!

Unlock Shortcuts Guide

All credit goes to Waltuber!

Explaining Shortcuts

Shortcuts are… well, shortcuts! They’re a shortcut to different levels, making it easier to beat the game, and discover new things. Since you won’t have to beat all the levels.

To unlock a shortcut, you have to meet Mama Tunnel at the end of different levels. Each time you meet her, she’ll want an item. Give it to her, and you’ll be one step closer to having a shortcut. There are three shortcuts in the game, and each shortcut has three things you need to give her. But once you give her one thing, you’ll be forced to continue and will have to beat that level again to give her the next item.

When you get to her, she’ll tell you what she wants. If you have the required item/items that she wants, she’ll ask you to give it to her. If you want to keep that item, you can deny her request. But you won’t move forward a step (Obviously).

If you don’t have the required item, she’ll tell you what she wants, but you can’t do anything else.

With that out of the way, lets get into how to get each shortcut.

The First Shortcut

For the first shortcut, you have to beat Level 1-4. The last level of the first area, the Dwelling.

Once you do that, in the level completion sequence, you’ll meet Mama Tunnel and she’ll ask for $2,000. You should easily have this already. Simply give it to her, and you’re done with the first requirement.

Now get back to her, and she’ll then ask for 1 Bomb. This should be easy, since you start with 4 Bombs. Give it to her, and you’re done with the second requirement.

Lastly, get to her one more time and she’ll ask for $10,000. A little harder, but still pretty easy. Give that to her, and now you’re finished! You’ll now be able to go to the left side of Camp, and there will be an extra door. This is the first shortcut.

This will lead you to Level 1-4. This is very useful because you can either exit the level on the left side, and get to the Jungle, or exit the level on the right side, and get to Volcana.

The Second Shortcut

For the second shortcut, you need to complete Level 3-1. Do that and you’ll meet Mama Tunnel for the second time. She’ll first want 1 Rope. Give this to her, and that’s step 1. Get back to her again, and she’ll then ask for a Weapon. Give that to her, and step 2 is finished.

Lastly, she’ll want a ride / mount. Give her that and you’re all done with shortcut 2!

This will put you to Level 3-1, at the second layer. This useful because you can either go to the right side, and exit into the Tidepool, or you can use your 4 Bombs and get to the third layer, then go to the right side and exit into the Temple of Anubis.

The Third Shortcut

For the third and final shortcut, you’ll need to beat Level 4-4. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the Tidepool, or Temple of Anubis. Both ways will still work.

When you meet Mama Tunnel, she’ll first ask for $50,000. Yes, it’s a bit much, but it’s worth it. Give her that, and you’re done with the first step.

Meet Mama Tunnel again and she’ll ask for a Helping Hand. One way to do this, is to go to the Tidepool, and kill the big fish. A Helping Hand will spit out. Or, you can open a coffin you’ve already opened before.

After that, meet Mama Tunnel once last time. She’ll finally ask for the Golden Key from the Dwelling. This, is the hardest step. But with practice, you should be able to get it done.

And with that, you’ll have yourself the third and final shortcut. This will bring you to Level 5-1. A very big leap from starting at the Dwelling.

A Useful Tip

Here’s a tip used on Level 3-1. Olmec’s Lair.

  • First go to the sixth pillar in the background.
  • Than jump, and place a rope. Climb to the top, and you should hear a smashing sound (If not, jump from the top of the rope a few times).
  • This is Olmec, wait for him to smash five times, than when he jumps again, move out of the way.

Now, you can fight Olmec as many times as you want, using the second Shortcut! If you want to easily kill Olmec, there is a guide “How to cheese Olmec”, it’s made by me, but it’s very useful and you should definitely check it out if you’re having trouble.

Simplified Requirements

Shortcut 1

  • Mama Tunnel: End of 1-4
  • First Requirement: $2,000
  • Second Requirement: 1 Bomb
  • Third Requirement: $10,000
  • Start Location: Level 1-4

Shortcut 2

  • Mama Tunnel: End of 3-1
  • First Requirement: 1 Rope
  • Second Requirement: Weapon
  • Third Requirement: Ride
  • Start Location: Second Layer of 3-1

Shortcut 3

  • Mama Tunnel: End of 4-4
  • First Requirement: $50,000
  • Second Requirement: Hired Hand
  • Third Requirement: Golden Key
  • Start Location: Level 5-1
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