Nexomon – Basic Guide (with Useful Tips)

If this is your first time playing a Pokemon-like game (a game where you catch monsters, fight and evolve them), then you came to the right place.

Basic Tips

Create a Balanced Team

First things first. There are a lot of Nexomons out there but it’s essential that you build your team correctly. Your journey will be easier if you catch and train different type of Nexomons. Training the same type or two types won’t get you anywhere. There are 7 types in total: Normal, Fire, Water, Grass, Earth, Electric and Wind. Each type is effective against other types.

  • Fire is effective against: Grass and Wind.
  • Water is effective against: Fire and Earth.
  • Grass is effective against: Water and Electric.
  • Earth is effective against: Fire and Electric.
  • Electric is effective against: Water and Wind.
  • Wind is effective against: Grass and Earth.
  • Normal is Neutral.

Tiers and Stats

The Nexomons are also classified in 6 Tiers:

  • Common: Basic Nexomons with low stats. They can’t evolve
  • Uncommon: Their stats are balanced and they have one evolution
  • Rare: They have high stats and they can evolve two times
  • Mega Rare: They have higher stats than the Rare Nexomons. They also have two evolutions.
  • Special: Balanced Nexomons (starters) with two evolutions
  • Legendary: Unique Nexomons with good stats and strong movesets

There are 5 stats in Nexomon:

  • HP: Hitpoints. This means how many damage your Nexomon can receive before faint
  • Stamina: Used for the skills. All Nexomons start with 100. High Tiers have more stamina.
  • Attack: The amount of damage your Nexomon will deal (depends on the skills used)
  • Defense: Your Nexomons resistance. The higher, less damage they will receive
  • Speed / Evasion: Higher the stat, better the chances of avoiding attacks

Important: Attack and Speed / Evasion are the best stats in the game. The point is to deal a lot of damage and also avoid it. There is a lot of RNG (random number generated) involved in Nexomon, so don’t expect to have a Nexomon with high Speed / Evasion and dodging every hit. Your Nexomon will dodge a lot if that stat is high but not all the time.

Select a Balanced Moveset

Your Nexomons can learn a lot of moves. A move with high damage, means more Stamina. Choosing a moveset with only strong moves can be a bad idea for long fights. Choose between basic, strong and status moves. As example, the attack Bite uses 5 Stamina. This move is perfect for finishing off Nexomons with low HP (red). You would not like to waste a move that uses 15 or 20 Stamina in a Nexomon with 5 HP left, right? That’s why they are there. They deal low damage but you can save a lot of Stamina. Also, it’s highly recommended to use movements that can stun, confuse, buff damage, buff evasion and create walls (all these moves are called status moves). Those give you a lot of advantage in a fight and are my favourites. Saves you a lot of potions and time (like going back and forward to the Nexomon Center for heal your Nexomons). Here is an example of a good moveset:

  • Important: This moveset is intended to be used against trainers or long fights!
  • Important: Every moveset must have a normal type move. Normal moves are neutral

  • Spinning Attack (Basic / Normal move. Deal damage and confuses).
  • Earth Strike (Deals a lot of Damage).
  • Stone Wall (when hit, you will lose only 1 HP. The wall is destroyed after the attack).
  • Fury Mineral (Increase your damage).

Note: Every moveset should be like this: A Normal type move / A move based on the type of the Nexomon (if is Earth, an Earth move) / and two buffs (or one buff and a Damage move)

So, the strategy of this moveset is to confuse the other Nexomon by using the Spinning Attack (the Nexomon will hit himself during the next 3 / 4 turns). During those turns, you can buff your actual Nexomon with Stone Wall and Fury Mineral for the next fights (or also for revive or heal other Nexomons in your team). After buffing your Nexomon, you can defeat the other Nexomon easly (if he still confused). After that, the trainer / boss will send the next Nexomon (when you defeat a trainer’s Nexomon, the next Nexomon will attack first). No worries, the Stone Wall will block the attack and you will only recieve 1 Damage. Now is your turn to strike back. As you can see, you defeated a Nexomon without recieving damage (well, 1 HP) and fighting the next one.

Another strategy (using the same moveset) is, using the skill Spinning Attack for confuse the other Nexomon and then change to another Nexomon. This is useful when your actual Nexomon is not good against the type he is fighting (as example, yours is Earth and the other Nexomon is Water). After changing to another Nexomon, the other one won’t attack because is still confused. That give you a great advantage. That’s why is important to have these kind of moves in a moveset.

Having only strong attacks will consume your Nexomon Stamina really quick. This can be bad for long fights. Meaning, you will need to use Ether in battle for replenish your Stamina. That will give a free turn to the other Nexomon. If he uses an strong attack (and is very effective against your Nexomon), you are done. So remember to mix the moves (low / high stamina). Also having only moves that cause damage is a bad idea. Imagine that you attack first but your move did not faint the other Nexomon (or you failed because the other Nexomon avoided it). Then the other Nexomon uses an status move that stun your Nexomon. Then you open the inventory for heal your Nexomon status but the other Nexomon gets a free hit. That fight can get really ugly. I always recommend to use an status move at the start of every fight. Yeah, your Nexomon can fail but if he stuns/ confuse the other Nexomon, the battle can get really easy.

Note: Some Nexomons are special. As example, Drash (Fire type Nexomon) have a Wind move. Drash is weak against Earth and Wather so that Wind move can deal with Earth Nexomons. Not every Nexomon have this, unfortunately. Another great example is Weabride (Wind type Nexomon). This Nexomon have a Grass move that helps to defend against Electric types.

How to Use the NexoTraps Wisely

There are only two types of NexoTraps in Nexomon:

  • Normal NexoTraps.
  • Golden NexoTraps.

Normal NexoTraps: Used for catch Common, Uncommon and sometimes, Rare Nexomons

  • Well, they can catch all type of Nexomons but they have a chance to fail (sometimes a lot).
  • For a better chance to catch a Nexomon, you will need to make him weak first.
  • Mega Rare and Legendary Nexomons are hard to catch with normal NexoTraps.
  • You can buy them in the shop for a cheap price (250 Gold).

Golden NexoTraps: Used for catch Mega Rare and Legendary Nexomons

  • These NexoTraps never fail. Can catch any Nexomon instantly.
  • If you don’t want to lose time, the Golden NexoTraps are there for that purpose.
  • You can’t buy them (but you can find them), so save them for special Nexomons.

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