BPM: Bullets Per Minute – Save Exploit Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Darklol!

BPM has its own saving system, which is broken. But you can use it as your advantage!

Guide to Save Exploit

How Does Saving Works?

BPM saves your chapter progress, so if you leave the game, you can continue from the chapter you have left. If you will continue your previous game, you will have to start from the beginning of the chapter with the same dungeon.

Every time you leave to main menu and continue your last run, your loot and HP will get back to the moment you enter the chapter, but the dungeon itself, with its rooms and enemies will remain the same.

That means, if you lose some of your HP or got a bad item from the chest, you can start completing the chapter over and try again, but better prepared this time.

In short, here’s a list of thing which remain unchanged:

  • Rooms.
  • Enemy positions in the rooms.
  • Items in Chest room, Boss room, the Well, Library.
  • Equipment in Huginn’s Shop (only equipment!).
  • Weapons in Muinn’s Armory.
  • Floor modifier.
  • Boss modifier.

Though, the loot is not exactly the same. Some things is still random. Here’s a list of changing details:

  • Loot dropped from enemies (coins, keys etc.).
  • Shrines.
  • Chests rewarded for cleaning a room.
  • Secret chests, triple chests.
  • Non-equipment loot in Huginn’s Shop (potions, shields, keys etc.).

You can reroll loot in shop to get what you want, for example Increase Max HP potions or keys, like on a screenshots below

Quick Shops Upgrades

Using saving feature you can also achive quick Huginn’s Shop or Muinn’s Armory upgrades, store some coins in Bank or fill The Disk.

If you have some big amount of coins and a Shop or Armory somethere near the beginning of a floor, you can buy something, return to the main menu, continue the game, buy something again and repeat. The upgrade progress will increase each time you do so.

The easiest way to upgrade a shop is to get to Helheim II with a lot of coins and to buy everything in the Shop.

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