Unturned – Sniping Guide

Sniping guide so you won’t be guessing anymore.

Guide to Sniping


To understand how bulletdrop works in the game, we need to know the stats that modify the travel time and curvature.


  • This one gives how fast a bullet moves, and its calculated as Travel*50=m/s.
  • For example, in the case of the sabertooth, which has a travel time of 10, we can do 10*50= 500m/s.

Bullet speed

  • The product of Travel * 50 is what we will call Bullet speed.
  • Once we have the bullet speed in m/s, we can easily calculate how long would it take to reach its destination depending on the range by dividing the range we want by the bullet speed. For example, at 250m we just do (250m) / (500 m/s) = 0.5 s
  • Or at 200m we do (200m) / (500 m/s) = 0.4 s.


This one doesn’t seem to modify ballistics (if it does please let me know), but travel*step gives the actual range of the gun.


This one affects the curvature of the gun. Higher values of drop causes the bullet to curve faster, thats why bows despite having slow arrow speeds have less drop, since their drop is 0.001 instead of the usual 0.002

Bulletdrops and Snipers

Here I’ll be adding the drops for different weapons, scopes and scope qualities (because the reticle does change from scope off to scope ultra).

I won’t add guns with the same drop and travel time, since the same markings should work (for example, Timberwolf and Grizzly).

Also keep in mind that drop for suppressor and muzzle are different, as muzzle decreases drop and suppressor increases it. Barrel doesn’t change drop.

Grizzly -16x scope – scope Off

  • Travel: 12.5
  • Bullet speed: 625 m/s
  • Drop: 0.002
  • Damage: 99 (base damage)
  • HS damage: 108.9 (1 hit to kill)
  • HS Helmet damage: 92.5 (2 hits to kill)
  • Fire rate: 2.38 RPS
  • Range: 300 m

Sabertooth – 16x Scope – Scope Off – Suppressor

  • Travel: 10
  • Bullet speed: 500 m/s
  • Drop: 0.002
  • Damage: 60 (base damage)
  • HS damage: 66 (2 hits to kill)
  • HS helmet damage: 56.1 (2 hits to kill)

Since travel and drop are the same as maplestrike, these drops also work for most assault rifles (heartbreaker, zubeknakov, maplestrike, snayperskya, augewehr, nightraider,fusilaut, etc).

Sabertooth – 16x Scope – Scope Ultra – Suppressor

Sabertooth/ARs – 7x scope – Scope Off – Muzzle

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    • Lasers only increase accuraccy. this means using one will make bullets land closer to where you aim. Snipers like grizzly/saber or shadow don’t need a laser at all since their accuraccy is extremely good as they are. Bulldog, peacemaker, teklowvka and other guns do benefit from laser since they are innacurate.

      rangefinder only tells the range.

      And both laser and rangefinder have no effect on bulletdrop.

  1. nice, but please make it more simple, and also add weapons like the Maplestrike and other weapons that you CAN modify to be a sniper with the right attachments

  2. This just shows how fucked unturned ballistics are. I didnt even know there was a difference between scopes. It would be cool to add how to use your scope as a range finder. I think that will make you guide even better. Also test the NVscope. see how fucked up it is XD

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