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Spelunky 2 - How to Defeat Olmec in Co-op

Written by .Bhoppin'   /   Oct 5, 2020    

Guide to Kill Olmec

The Strat

  • When Olmec starts his 2nd phase, wait at least 2-3 minutes on top of him.
  • He will bomb the ground and fall straight into the lava once the thrusters are destroyed.
  • Destroy the thrusters with the player ghost, each one takes 3 hits.
  • It can be a little tricky to hit them sometimes, I advise to wait until Olmec starts moving and move down a bit before you "shoot" with the ghost.
  • Be ready for the fall and bring one of the capes, jetpack, hoverpack or parachute for safe landing.

Written by .Bhoppin'.

Game:   Spelunky 2