Corruption of Champions II – How to Beat the Godess of Knowledge (Duel of Wits Achievement)

This is a quick step by step to beat the godess of knowledge, require for the achievement “Duel of Wits”.

How to Obtain Duel of Wits Achievement

Nareva Talk Battle Solution

To start you need to tell her to release both slamander and then do that:

First Step

  • Inquire: Inquire, keep quiet, disagree.
  • Question: keep quiet, dismiss, question n2, retort n2, inquire n2.

Second Step

  • Question n1: keep quiet, question, inquire.
  • Question n2: inquire, no n1, doubt.
  • Now you can go for Inquire: rebut, keep quiet, rebut.

Third Step

  • Question n1: feint, question, doubt, accuse n1.
  • Question n2: probe, question, keep quiet, keep quiet.
  • Now you can go for Inquire: call out, keep quiet, point.
  • Now Protest, reveal.

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