Star Wars: Squadrons – How to Fix Crash to Desktop from Active Flight Gameplay

The game just closes during the flight, sometimes at the beginning of the mission, sometimes later. So far I’ve only seen this in solo modes: company and training battles with AI.

Guide to Fix

It turned out that there are several factors and as a result thre is several solutions:

  1. Set the “Volumetric setting” video quality parameter to Medium.
    This may be enough. In my case, this probably only reduced the number of crashes, but did not solve the problem.
  2. Switch to windowed mode (with frames). When switching to this mode, the window may turn out to be much smaller than the screen, but if U maximize it maualy, the fix may not work. However, you can enlarge the window slightly.

This “fix” helped me, although it looks more like a workaround and it’s sad to play in the window.

But the scope of the bug seems to be quite narrow:

  • Specific moments in the training mode of the battle of fleets with AI.
  • Specific moments of the company. There seem to be few such moments and they are concentrated in the initial missions. Then you can try to return to normal settings.
Written by Yavin!

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