Little Nightmares – Complete Guide (with Achievements, Ending and Collectibles)

Here is Little Nightmares detailed guide.

Little Nightmares Detailed Guide

The Prison and Lair

Spoilers included.

  • The starting area of the game.
  • You play as a character called Six and you must venture through the prison.
  • You’ll eventually run into a character known as the Janitor who bears long arms.

The Janitor is blind but has acute senses of hearing and smell. Distract him with noises and items you can throw with space.

Upon escaping the Janitor and the Prison you’ll be awarded:

The Kitchen

  • The kitchen is home to the twin chefs.
  • You’ll discover one in the kitchen area and later one in the bed near the key.
  • You must stay out of sight and progress forward.

You first notice the chef on the zipline before the area.

You’ll be crawling through wooden beams and hiding under beds once you gain the key to the kitchen door.

Meat puzzle

You must use the lift and place meat on the silver floor panel before you pull the lever downstairs to make them fall so you can use them to make a rope.

After avoiding the twin chefs and running for your life you’ll notice that you’re on a ship. Climb the rope and continue on.

You’ll gain this achievement:

The Guest Area

As the name applies the guests will be eating here. Stay out of sight or they’ll give chase.

Some scripted chase moments will occur but a nome is hidden near a sleeping guest in one of the rooms.

You’ll need to run and dodge along their eating tables so watch out to reach the next area.

You’ll need to eat and a friend offers food during this chapter… evil laugh.

The twins will give chase very briefly during this stage, just hide.

The lady character can be seen going into an elevator which is code for the next stage entrance.

You’ll unlock this achievement:

The Lady’s Quarters

Taking the elevator will send you into the lady’s quarters. You’ll notice a locked door you must find a key to open.

Head up the stairs and go into the room with the open door. The lady character will be humming and gazing into a broken mirror.

You must sneak past her while crouching or she’ll snap your neck with dark powers.

  • In the room to the left is a pot you must smash to gain the key inside.
  • It will make a loud noise but she wont come in.
  • Notice the painting to the left that looks like Six, this goes into a theory that Six is the child of the Lady who absorbed the other four children.

Take the key and grab the statue on her desk before going to the locked door.

  • You’ll come to a dark room where you must find a mirror behind some wooden boards.
  • When you grab the mirror she’ll appear in the room to the left.
  • You must stand in the light and shine her with the mirror.

Do this about seven times before she goes down and you feast on her powers.

It’ll fade to black..

The Ending

Six has absorbed the Lady’s powers and gained the ability to snap the guests necks as she heads for the exit. A theory is that the Lady absorbed the other 4 children and that’s why she had these dark powers that Six now absorbed.

Six heads up the stairs to freedom and the nomes gather and stare at the exit to the ship.

Credits roll.


Hunger is a feature that mimics real life and that Six must eat. It often lands Six in trouble like when she gets caught by the Janitor.



  • Pull out your lighter and you can light nearby lanterns.
  • Light 20 lanterns for an achievement.


  • There’s ten statues in the game that mirror the lady character.
  • You must pick them up and throw them.
  • If all ten are smashed you gain a mask cosmetic.

The nomes

  • Weird mushroom like creatures with thirteen in total.
  • Hug them all and gain an achievement.
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