Drake Hollow – Basic FAQ

Some Answer for Questions You Would Ask

How can I repair buildings?

You need to enter inspect mode with X and then interact with the buildings.

How can I connect water/electricity to a building?

You need to enter inspect mode with X and then interact with the building to get the cable and then connect that cable to the building which you want to add to the network.

How can I repair a weapon?

Unfortunately, it is not possible in the game right now. However, if you drop the weapon at your camp, a Drake will pick it up and place it in the depot and in the process the weapon gets fully repaired.

How can I get a weapon with better quality?

Drops based on the level of your camp. For example: On level 6 you will get start blue quality weapons. However monsters gets stronger as you progress on the chapters, so don’t avoid leveling your Drakes and camp.

How can I get Drakes with different buffs?

Every time you rescue a Drake one will show up. It is not preset, so if you save, rescue him/her and you load your game and you save that Drake again it will be different (or same, but it is RNG) so you can just load until you get the Drake with the passive buff you want to claim.

My Drakes consuming too much food, water and entertainment, I can’t build anything else, help!

If you upgrade a Drake to retirement age that Drake will turn to stone on the linked island next to your base. The Drake still adds to camp experience, but no longer taking bed, no longer consuming food, water or entertainment. Once you retired (upgraded to maximum level) a few Drakes you will have a lot of free points for defensive buildings.

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