Drake Hollow – Possible Note Locations

Possible Note Locations – Spring

Please keep in mind worlds are randomly generated but each season has the same type of islands. I believe each island has 1-3 possible note locations.

One earned automatically, while heading to the base.

The note should be at a house entrance on an island where the house like the one on screenshoot is.

Possible locations on the island with Lighthouse.

Possible location on an island with a house.

Location on an island with the cave with has Weepy Epkins in it.

On the island with graves.

On the island with the banklike big building.

On the island with the barn.

On the island with the baseball playground.

Possible Note Locations – Summer

Island with gas station on a hill, inside of the garage. The note was here on multiple generated world.

Island with trains.

Isdland with broken ships.

Island with factory building.

Big Island with many stones in a cirlce and an unusual tree trunk in the middle of it.

Mountainous island with a house on it.

Island with a house which has a basement.

Island with the temple on it.

Island with the big water tower.

Big island without any building or any notable structure on it.

Possible Note Locations – Autumn

Island with train station and railway bridge.

Island with graveyard and temple.

Island with the factory.

Island with the lighthouse.

Island without any building.

Island with a house.

Possible Note Locations – Winter

Island with factory, there are 2 different one.

One of the Island without any building.

This second picture has a better overview on the island. The second mark down at the beach is the location of the previous screenshot.

Island with broken ships.

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