Star Wars: Squadrons – How to Disable Motion Blur

Game Installed. Ultra Settings, check. Pretty… no wait. insert gag from the office “no no no no”. I don’t like motion blur maybe you don’t either, here is how to get rid of that, no matter your setup.

Disable Motion Blur

Locate Configuration:

  • C:UsersyouruseraccountDocumentsSTAR WARS Squadrons Steamsettings

Change the following in ProfileOptions_profile:

  • GstRender.Motionblur 0.000000 GstRender.MotionblurEnabled 0 GstRender.MotionblurEnabled_VR 0

Enable DirectX12

Maybe useful maybe not I found this setting disabled. Same place as motion blur DirectX12 is set to 0 change that with 1 and save.


  • GstRender.EnableDx12 1


  • GstRender.EnableDx12 1

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