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Session Seven - Walkthrough

Written by stratosfear2501   /   Oct 8, 2020    

A step by step guide to solving the mystery of Ryan's confinement. Broken down into areas of the room and specific puzzles for quick reference.

Waking Up In A Locked Room

A prologue and introduction to the game's mechanics. Ryan wakes up and you have limited options during this opening section.

[Walk] right to the glass case.

[Open] the medicine cabinet.

[Use] the scissors on the bandages.

Use] the cloth bandage.

Walk] left and Ryan will try the door.

[Look] out the window on the left

During the therapy sessions, throughout the game, you can answer what ever you like as all the answers lead, more or less, to the same result eventually although some offer additional dialogue.

The Desk, Guitar Case And Hazelnuts

[Walk] to the left side of the room.

[Look] at the opened bag of hazelnuts on the floor by the guitar case and [pick up].

[Open] the guitar case.

[Pick up] the guitar strings that fall out (or leave them for later if you want a lighter inventory until the mouse hole puzzle section).

[Optional?] On the bottom shelf [open] or [look] at the gnawed on box of the shelving unit in the back. You will receive a paper clip. (This acts as a hint to solving a later lock picking puzzle).

[Walk] left to the desk.

[Look] and [pick up] the photo frame portrait on the desk.

[Look] at the portrait until you discover a key attached to the back.

[Use] the key on the locked right hand drawer of the desk. You'll get a battery and an enveloped document.

The Cabinet - Right Door

[Walk] right to the midpoint of the room where there is a tall cabinet.

[Open] the right door of the cabinet.

[Pick up] the drone box.

[Open] the drone box.

[Use] the drone on the white 'cardboard' on top of the tall cabinet. Ryan will set the drone down on the floor. Now we need to find batteries for the controller so we can use it.

[Optional?] The Meta-Reference Crowbar

[Walk] towards the right next to the three crates.

[Pick up] the crowbar on top of the leftmost crate.

[Use] it somewhere and it'll break in two and become unusable.

This is just a little joke for those familiar with point and click games because of how useful and multi-functional a crowbar usually is in adventure games.

The Right-Hand Shelves

[Walk] to the far right where there is another set of shelves.

On the top shelf:

[Pick up] the white cardboard box and [open] it. You now have the first of the two RFID antenna boxes.

[Pick up] the book about RFID antennae. (Is this optional?)

On the second shelf:

[Open] or [look] at the box.

[Look] through it until you find a drug prescription which triggers a therapy session. Go through this and again answer as you wish.

[Look] through the same box until you find a battery inside.

On the third shelf:

(Is this optional?) Pixel hunt through the row of blue books until you find a notebook. [Look] at it to read a clue to another puzzle.

On the bottom shelf:

[Open] and [look] through the boxes on the bottom shelf.

[Pick up] the picnic blanket. This triggers a therapy session so go through that answering how you wish.

[Pick up] the flash light. (It needs batteries but you'll be transferring the two from the drone controller into it later once we have finished with the drone.)

Piloting The Drone

[Use] both batteries on the controller of the drone.

[Use] the drone on the small white 'cardboard' on top of the cabinet. Ryan will set the drone down on the ground.

[Use] the controller. A menu opens for you to instruct the drone what to do.

Choose [start engine and ascend] followed by [turn left] three times and then [forward] three times so the drone hits the small white box.

[Pick up] the box and [open] it to get the other RFID antennae.

[Open] the controller twice to remove the batteries.

[Use] both batteries on the flash light to insert them ready for use later.

Triangulating With The Rfid Antennas

[Use] one RFID antenna. You'll see a silhouette indicating where you can place it on the ground. Place it somewhere near the left side of the workbench. (you don't strictly have to put it here but it will make it easy to see where the beams overlap once you use the second one rather than it be pointing somewhere off screen if you go to either end of the room).

[Use] the other RFID antenna from somewhere in front of the cabinet and repeat the same process.

You'll discover a wooden panel in the floor, just under the right side of the work bench, hiding a recess which you might have heard squeaking while walking back and forth.

Accessing The Wooden Panel Recess

[Walk] back to the workbench. Tools are arranged above it (and one is missing as part of the narrative).

[Pick up] the screwdriver.

[Pick up] the hammer.

[Use] the screw driver on the wooden panel.

[Use] the hammer on the screwdriver.

This forces open the recess in the floor.

[Pick up] the wooden box and [open] it.

You now have a dead rat's skeleton, an unopened box of antidepressants and an expandable baton.

This triggers another therapy session. Answer however you like again

The Mouse Hole

This puzzle requires a little preparation as it is, technically, timed by how many hazelnuts you place on the floor. Please read this entire section so that you don't have to repeat steps which can be frustrating I appreciate.

[Open] the baton to extend it.

[Close] the right door of the tall cabinet. You'll, no doubt, have noticed a mouse hole with eyes in it under the medicine cabinet.

[Use] the flash light on the hole.

[Use] the hazelnuts on the hole. Now you know you can distract the rat while you explore its hiding place.

[Use] 5 or 6 hazelnuts by the desk placing, as you did the RFID antennae, them via silhouettes. This will ensure you've plenty of time to do the next two/three steps before the rat returns to its hole.

(Again be certain you've already put both batteries into the flash light and extended the baton before the next step. If you're able to put the guitar string on the end of the baton then do that now too.)

#When you are ready [use] the hazel nuts again near the mouse hole to draw the rat out. It should automatically then head off to eat the other hazelnuts one by one as a countdown before returning to it's hole.

[Use] the flash light on the mouse hole to see there is an item in there.

[Use] the baton to try, yet fail, to retrieve the item.

[Use] the guitar strings, from the opened guitar case, on the baton and repeat the previous step and [use] the baton on the hole to get the box of paper clips.

I'm not sure if you need to check the hole, then use the baton and only then can you attach the string to the baton. You might be able to prepare the baton with the string prior to luring the rat out.

Nonetheless, if you fail to get the item the first time, repeat the hazelnut scattering steps to distract the rat and you'll be able to obtain the item inside the hole.

Unlocking The Left Side Of The Cabinet

[Use] the paper clips to pick the padlock on the cabinet's left door.

[Open] the left door.

Ryan will then automatically pick up the receipt that floats down and check his tools at the workbench.

Another therapy session begins. Answer however you wish.

[Pick up] the bi-metal hole saw kit on the bottom shelf of the cabinet's left side.

Escaping The Room

[Walk] to the left side of the work bench.

[Look] at the drilling machine then look below, to the left, at the cable.

[Use] the cable and then [use with] the sockets above the blinking light on the bottom shelf of the shelving unit on the left side of the room.

[Use] the bi-metal hole saw kit on the drilling machine.

[Use] the drilling machine. [Use with] the door. This drills out the lock.

[Open] the door.

[Walk] to the door and finally escape the room.

The final therapy session occurs and you can watch the ending.

Written by stratosfear2501.

Game:   Session Seven