Phasmophobia – Ultimate Guide

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Comprehensive Guide

Basic Gameplay and Controls

As you play the game you start in the menu, you can press “ESC” to exit out of the menu and you will be in the lobby also known as the garage. When your in the garage you can press “Spacebar” and you will enter back to the menu without interacting on it. You can pick things up by “E” and toss objects in your hand by “G”.

If you have a Book or a Video Camera (or any other future objects/tools) that you can see the ghosted item where your cursor is that means its you can place that object by pressing “F” You can rotate the item by “Left Mouse button” sometimes you will need to crouch by pressing “C” in order to place your object. You can switch through your inventory (Max of 3 items) by “Mouse Wheel” or “Q”, If you have a flashlight in your inventory and your not holding it you can press “T”. Some items will need a required tool in order to use it, for the candles and smudge sticks you need a lighter, hold your item and press “F” and you interact with the object your holding with the required tool. Some other tools can be turned on or be used by pressing “Right Mouse button” in your hand. In the game you are able to play with other people, you can talk (Local) to them by holding “V” and use your radio (Global) by “B” but be careful using your radio because the ghost can also interrupt the signal during hunting faze which I, UnknownDerpyPro, will tell you more about. You can open doors by holding “Left Mouse button” and dragging the the required position to open it.

You will need to find evidence to reveal the ghost type your dealing with, You can open your Journal by “J” and use the double arrow to skip to the evidence and use the arrows to navigate through pages, in the journal there is also Ghost Types you can read through, there is a section for pictures you have taken and it will show you the details if there is any about that picture, you can take pictures with the Camera by pressing “Right Mouse button” while its in your hand. You can find evidence with Books, EMF detector, Video Camere, and yourself. While wondering around you can find freezing temperatures with your breath or with a thermometer. You can use the book to see if it is a writer type ghost by placing the book in the area where its most active, you can find this out by recent paranormal activity or EMF, It will wright words or draw pictures. You can find out if its a powerful ghost type by the electric magnetic field detector (EMF) going to level 5.

You can also find spirit orbs by placing the video camera in a most open spaced room or the most active room and having the lights off in that area (best if you turn off the power and have no other light sources near the cam.) and having the night vision on in the van by interacting on the keyboard (night vision) and using the mouse (navigating through cams) and you will see orbs, the orbs are little bright balls flying around the area on the camera, this act will take some time because everyone will see orbs but its not in sync, one person might see it and the other wont, but that other person can still see the orbs later on.

You can select your evidence in your journal and by that it will narrow the ghost types till the one that you are actually dealing with, once you found your ghost you may leave or find DNA evidence by using the camera (pictures) on paranormal activities (objects being tossed or moved or water turning on and being dirty), bones (take a picture of the bone up close, then pick it up), fingerprints/footprints, and maybe the ghost itself if your that brave or lucky. (by finding DNA evidence you are gaining more cash as well as completing the objectives on the board).

Finding Evidence and Preparation

The main source of this game is the evidence, you will need to find evidence to find the ghost you are dealing with so you can level up with EXP and earn cash to buy more equipment to finish more missions to get more money and EXP. You will have a mission and it may have a timer, that timer represents the ghost’s ability to go into hunting mode, the ghost still can move and appear and do activities, but it can’t hunt until the timer reaches “00:00”. When the timer reaches zero, doesn’t mean it will instantly go into hunting, it means it will get aggravated and will hunt if you have been active near it causing it to be more active due to some “visitors”.

When you find the room where the ghost is most active you will need to place a book there and a camera, then go back to the van and look for ghost orbs, if the book is in the view you can see if it wrights on it, this will take a minute or two. Later you will need to go in there with a spirit box and EMF to talk to it, the ghost will only talk back if the EMF is (maybe 2) 3 and up, you will need to speak clearly and have your game able to understand what your saying so then the ghost can respond to your questions. This can take a while, by this you can take down notes if it either: Wrote on the book, Ghost orbs, EMF 5, or Spirit box. Once you got your evidence (you will get one of these for sure, sometimes 2) you will need to look around for Fingerprints (usually will be near the most active area, sometimes wont show up until more activity happens by the ghost). Once you have done this you can look around the building for freezing temperatures, this will be where the ghost is most active or somewhat close.

  • Spirit Box: You will need to ask the ghost questions, the lights will need to be off and sometimes you will need to be alone.
  • Book: You will need to put this book down somewhere near the room the ghost is or where its most active, then you will need to wait till it wrights on it (Some ghosts won’t wright, so don’t wait too long) the book will have words or drawings on it, the words don’t mean anything, the drawings sometimes do, all the games I have with the demonic drawings lead to ghosts that are powerful and known for common/random attacks (like the demon or oni) but doesn’t mean that it is one, don’t take me for granted on that.
  • Fingerprints: You need to have a UV light and look for fingerprints or handprints, fingerprints are found on light switches, handprints are found on doors and windows. You can find footprints of the ghost by using salt but doesn’t count as a fingerprint/handprint evidence.
  • EMF 5: When you hold the EMF reader or placed it somewhere, it will show red and 5 lights will glow on the EMF reader. Sometimes people will get confused with level 4 and 5.
  • Ghost Orbs: Ghost orbs can be seen on a video recorder/camera, you will need to put the camera so it faces a room (any room I believe) and have the lights off so you can see with the night vision. With the night vision on you will need to look on the camera and wait for ghost orbs to appear, they are floating, glowing balls that have ODD (like it is alive) movement patterns.
  • Freezing Temps: You can find the freezing room with yourself or a thermometer, the thermometer will show the degree below 0c (mostly a negative) and you can find by seeing your frosty breath in the cold. You may need to wait a little bit to see it.


Your sanity is the major thing in this game, this will decide if you will be targeted or more chance of getting killed during a hunt. You can keep your sanity high (100%, good thing) by avoiding the ghost’s presence when it is not vanished (visible). Looking at the ghost will drop your sanity (known for the heart beating), if it is a phantom it will drop tremendously, if its a jinn, it will drop when your near it. You can take pills which will recover 40% of your sanity. Hearing the ghost “whisper” to you means it either has appeared or you touched it which will also drop your sanity.

How to Survive the Hunt

Being hunted is the only way someone can die, All ghosts can hunt/kill when someone is below 30% sanity, Demons and Onis can hunt 50% or under. Doesn’t mean you won’t die during one, just means that you have a higher chance of survival. During the hunt the exit doors will be locked and you’re light will flicker, so will the surrounding lights if the power box is on.

When you are being hunted you will need to find a closet or some place where you can close a door and hide, if you cant you can hide behind objects if the ghost didn’t see you go there. The ghost will appear and disappear so seeing if the ghost saw you or not will be difficult. If you see the ghost chasing you, you will need to run and get as much distance as possible then hide, turn off your light, and be quiet. Avoid looking at the ghost during the hunt, it will lower your sanity and the ghost will sense your presence when your heartbeat is beating. Once you have survived the chase and you are still hiding, you may turn on your flashlight to see if its still flickering or use your radio and contact help, no one can hear you during the hunt due to the malfunction surge that the ghost is putting off, so if you don’t get a response you are most likely still in the hunt. Some ghost will target one player while others hunt the closest.

Best way to survive a hunt is by sticking with your group, it will cause one of them to get caught and gives you a chance to live, this ain’t the best tactic but it will work if you don’t want to die and you don’t care about your group, but sometimes the ghost wont even see you so following the group so it is a 50/50. If the ghost is targeting one player its best to stay away for safety, don’t be cocky. Saying the ghost’s name during the hunt will have no effect since the activity is maxed and it wants blood already. If you need to communicate to the ghost but the ghost keeps going in the hunt faze its best to talk to it near a closet, locker, or any place that is small and has a door inside that room (bathroom stalls count, but normal bathrooms you would normally find in a house are not).

Other Useful Tips

  • When you are using the ouija board will drain your sanity.
  • Running is not always a good idea, the ghost can hear you when you are running, but its good when you are running from it and its behind you during a hunt.
  • Using the crucifix you will need to look at the ghost while holding it, or throw it on the floor and let it walk near it. It does not have a big radius, people may think differently because they have tried communication to it when one is close, but it little do they know the ghost wont communicate back if its not near you in the first place.
  • Want more money? You will need to get DNA evidence by taking pictures of events, bones, and the ghost itself. And by writing down all the evidence and completing the objectives.
  • The difficulty will change how fast the ghost gets aggravated (being able to hunt faster), Shorting the time for preparing (higher difficulty less time), and will give you more money and exp.

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  1. Bug, difficulty is solely determined by the contract. Once you unlock intermediate, you will begin seeing both amateur and intermediate contracts appear. Difficulty cannot be changed via menu or anything.

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