Baldur’s Gate 3 – How to Obtain Sorrow Legendary Weapon

How to obtain the legendary weapon, Sorrow. Sorrow is a unique 2-hander with a powerful ability.

Sorrow Legendary Weapon Guide

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The glaive can be obtained once you have access to the Druids’ Chambers. A book can be found stating that “Rath” has a mysterious rune.

You are able to obtain this rune by pickpocketing or killing him, I preferred to play the campaign murder free but this doesn’t mean I was against sticky fingers at times.

A successful pickpocket will yield the room and navigating back to the statue surrounded by runes and placing your own newly commandeered rune will open the secret passageway.

The legendary weapon is now available to be obtained and is sitting on the table.

While looting all the other goodies you will also obtain the Robe of Summer, granting a resistance to cold damage.

Sorrow is a rare 2 handed weapon which deals 1d10+1 slashing damage and has the spell, ensnaring strike which deals 1d12+3 slashing damage, and entangles your target. The downside to this weapon is that each successful attack the weapon deals 1 psychic damage to it’s wielder.

I don’t see this as a huge downside and still feel that it’s an extremely effective weapon that will provide an instant boost to your party.

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