Drake Hollow – How to Obtain Lore Doctor Achievement (Find All Notes)

Got problems with Lore Doctor achievement? There is a checklist that could help you.

How to Find All Notes


What I didn’t like is that they seem to have started it as some kind of advertisement for some curator group, hence the guide was published at the release date and worst of all it has things like “Not sure if anyone ever will get the all note achievement”, “I still not going to get my perfect game on this as I not going to replay a full game for this” and “I have no clue how to unlock this”. I mean the name says Achievement Guide, so you should 100% the game and help others to do the same, share information on problematic and wierd moments, etc. Not just throw in some random information, that could be useful by all means, but at the same time don’t give a ♥♥♥ about other achievements in the achievements guide.

General information

It appears that the game has 40 Notes that count towards the achievement. There are 11 Notes in Spring, 9 Notes in Summer, 11 Notes in Fall and 9 Notes in Winter. As for the moment I’m not 100% sure that all of them must spawn in one playthrough, because some of them appear to be bugged. I personally encountered the following bugs:

  • Note on the first island was stuck in the floor.

  • Note was hanging on the wall, but facing backwards, so I had to break a window and read it from there.

  • Map was telling that there is only 1 Note on the island, but I found 2 with different names.

Good thing is, that as many other achievements this one seems to be cumulative, so if you have found (from here and forth by “find” I mean “read”) 35/40 Notes in first playthrough, you only need to find remaining 5 Notes to get the achievement. You could try another playthrough or join another player’s game and look for only these 5 specific Notes.


All 40 Notes that cound towards the achievement have unique names, so in case you are having issues first of all press Tab (by default), then check Log => Found Notes section. Here you will see all Notes that you have found in your current playthrough. Keep in mind that if you read the same Note more than once, the log for an unknown and awkward reason will record each time you do it, so be aware of duplicates.

  • And then use my checklist with all Notes available in the game to narrow down which one could be missing and in what season you can find it. 

The checklist is in google spreadsheet, but it is read only so that anyone who has a link can have access to the default state of the file. To be able to use checkboxes and make your own edits please copy this spreadsheet to your google docs. Or if you want a quick look, here is a screenshot.


I didn’t end up liking the game much, because it felt like the developers had a great start, but then their motivation or desire (or both) faded away extremely fast. Perhaps the game will evolve into something else in future, but seeing how it performs I have serious doubts. From the achievements point of view the game will take moderate time to get to 100%, most likely due to extensive grinding for Retirement Drake (why not make it possible to craft 1 better grade crystal from 5 lesser grade crystals?) and rescuing 100 Drakes (thankfully this is consecutive, but still needs quite a lot of saving/loading).

Also Rescuing one Drake of every type seems to be completely messed up, I’ve started collecting data on all Drake types and the bonus they provide on each growing stage, when all of a sudden I got the achievement while removing the very first Drake from ice cube in Winter season right at my base (the one which I already rescued in previous season).

Maybe the word “type” means something else, not the buff they provide? Their age? Their color? All my theories did not provide any useful results, as for the moment I think that the true criteria for this achievement might be just rescuing 50 Drakes, because this is the approximate amount you do in two playthroughs, but that’s just a wild guess. Perhaps it’s just bugged and the trigger has issues in the code.

P.S: Also I got the Automagical Defense achievement (defeat a raid using only defensive Improvements) in the most awkward way. I was fighting the last boss on my second playthrough, it was a second stage when you need to fight him on your own island. He summons some mobs, I shoot and strike his mobs and himself while also using Decoys. Finally I destroy him and get the achievement! I mean boss fight might be treated like Raid in the game code and also I think my Tesla tower hit one of the summoned mobs once or twice. But I still did direct damage to all monsters with my own character, what a mess.

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