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Star Wars: Squadrons - Controls for Thrustmaster T-Flight Series Hotas

Written by HylianWolf   /   Oct 12, 2020    

This is my personal layout for the Thrustmaster T-Flight One Hotas. There may be some compatibility with the X/4 version as only the four throttle buttons are different (Xbox style vs Playstation style). I have designed this mapping so that all the flight controls are at your fingertips with little need to take your hands off the throttle or stick unless you are in menus or adjusting your VR view.

Thrustmaster T-Flight Series Hotas Controls


Movement/Speed controls

  • Pitch: X axis up/down (inverted preferred)
  • Yaw: Y axis left/right
  • Roll right: Z axis twist or rocker bar
  • Throttle control: Throttle forward/back
  • Boost/Drift: Button 9

Weapon/Ability controls

  • Fire laser cannons: Button 2
  • Auxiliary right: Button 1 (trigger)
  • Auxiliary left: Button 10
  • Targeting lock on: Button 5/X (hold for targeting menu)
  • Switch targets/target attacker: Button 6/A
  • Countermeasures: Button 4

Power management

  • Weapon increase: Hat Up
  • Balance power: Hat Down
  • Engine increase: Hat Left
  • Shield increase: Hat Right
  • Focus shields backward: Button 3
  • Focus shields forward: Double tap Button 3
  • Shields rebalance: hold Button 3

Misc controls

  • Orders/Acknowledge: Button 7/B
  • VR view center: hold Button 15

Menu controls

  • Ready up (multiplayer): Button 1/Trigger
  • Menu confirm: Button 6/A
  • Menu cancel: Button 7/B
  • Free Look: Button 8/Y
  • Pause menu: Button 11/Start
  • Online/Party menu: Button 12/Back
  • Next page: Button 14
  • Previous page: Button 13

Written by HylianWolf.