Gigantic – Crowns and XP Guide

Simple guide on how Crowns and XP Works.

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Crowns and XP

How is Crown and Xp Acquired

To start off, Crown and Xp can be earned by playing the game (no really). Crown is acquired by multiplayer and bot matches, Fortunates cards, Account Levelling, Mastery Levelling, and Win of the day Bonus. While Xp is Gotten by Matches and Fortunate cards only.

Basic on Crowns

In Gigantic the Currency are called Crowns, at the very beginning of your Gigantic experience, after completing the tutorial and doing a few bot matches you can get a huge sum of crown in a very short amount of time. By Huge I mean around 5000 crowns. I advise that you do not waste it, crowns can be used for many things like Getting new heroes, getting new creature (extremelly useful), and getting skins.

After These “few matches” you will unlock multiplayer, Which obviously will grant you much more Crowns and XP than playing with Bots. But you will notice that a multiplayer match takes a lot longer than a single bot match only for Around 30 more crowns. But the XP gain is more than the Double the amount if you win.

How to get more Crowns Efficently

The easiest and Best way to get Crowns is with Boosters Which I talked about at the Very end of this guide since they use Rubies which is the premium currency for Gigantic, However you can get a pretty good sum of Crowns with Fortunate Cards ; Which are acquired by a Daily Free Draw, Account Level, Heroes Mastery Level, Or can Also be acquired With Rubies(not recommended).Fortunate cards are challenges that once completed will grant you Xp and Crowns. Amount of Crown and Xp gained differs on how Hard the Challenge is.

Basic on XP

Experience(Xp) Will grant you multiple things, Xp is used to level up your account and your Mastery level with heroes. Everytime you level up your account you will Get a small amount of Crowns and a Card. While Leveling your Mastery Level will grant you a single card (Note : you will not be granted a card for Levelling your mastery from 0 to 1. Bug? Yes cause some heroes give you Crowns while some say it will give you a card but yet they don’t. If you find this bug to be true or false please comment it, maybe it only happened to me.)

Crown and XP Penalty

After you hit Level 11 your Crown gains and XP gains will take a huge penalty for Bot matches. Before level 11 you get +70 crowns and +225 Xp per Win. And we all know that 1 bot matches takes 1/5 of the time of a single multiplayer match. After Level 11 you will only gain +26 crowns and 113 Xp per win with bot matches.

Do not Worry, there is no penalty for Multiplayer matches, Crowns and Xp Will remain the same, meaning you will get around 100 Crowns and like 500 Xp for Winning. Losing However will grant you 70 Crowns and around 260 Xp. (Remember these are estimates depending on your Efficency and Performance)


Boosters are absolutly OP.Which is Why this is the only thing you should buy with your Rubies. Just like the name speaks for itself, boosters will boost the amount of Xp and Crowns gain. What is nice about Boosters is that they will only activate upon a Win. Xp Boosters will give your Xp +100% while Crown boosters will give you a +142.5% Crown. (Why 142.5% ??? if you understand math please continue reading below)

Warning Maths Ahead!

(Note: In the shop, crown boosters says it’ll give you 3.5x more gold. This statement is for some reason not on point. I found this Formula is more on point which is where the 142.5% is coming out of. (Crowns gain from match x 2.425) = what the booster gives you.

Exemple : Last game I played I gained 95 crowns. Game told me if I had a booster it would’ve been +230 crowns meaning a grand total of 325. But if you do 95 x 3.5 it would’ve been 333 Crowns meaning their maths is slightly off. but if you 95 x 2.425 = 230. 95 + 230 = 325. Congrats if you understood that .-.

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