Terraria – How to Obtain Heliophobia Achievement

This guide will help you get the Heliophobia achievement.

Heliophobia Achievement Guide


The title of this achievement, “Heliophobia,” means afraid of the sun. This guide is going to help you with getting the achievement and learning the starting assets of the game.

Order of Completion

  1. Start with going on any character (If you’re a summoner release all of them).
  2. Find a big tree (If you’re on a journey character, make sure you turn up mob spawning.
  3. Wait for a gnome to spawn and guide him to the surface.
  4. Make sure he is in sunlight (This will immediately give you the achievement).


This is a very simple achievement which can currently be done on any world and/or character. Though, not many people have come across the feature, I hope this guide helps you and makes your gameplay all the better.


  1. they can also spawn if there is a dirt wall at the surface but it is more rare.

    I got the achievement by accident when i made my spawn point flat and left the walls ( i was at 10 times the normal spawnrate but still

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