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Active Friends Chat List

Friends Chat are dedicated channels for various activities. Here are the list of active Friends Chat Channels and their respective activities.

  • portables – for locations of various skilling stations. the default Portable Skilling world is W84.
  • soulobby – for menaphos and it’s activities. for location of active Soul Obelisks.
  • whirlpooldnd – for deep sea fishing random events. Travelling Merchant calls are on here.
  • star_find – for shooting stars d&d
  • evil_tree_fc – for evil tree d&d
  • fishflingers – for fish flingers d&d
  • corehunting – for hall of memories divination activity
  • vis_wax_fc – for vis wax combos
  • fast_sc – for stealing creation
  • heist4fun – for playing heist
  • pestcontrols – for pest control
  • ba_teams – for barbarian assault
  • th_trade – for swapping elite skilling outfits
  • world60pengs – for penguin hide and seek
  • w60pengy – for ghost penguin specifically
  • nemiforest_fc – for nemi forest
  • harmed_ore – for trahaearn vos mining
  • pof_trade_fc – for player-owned farms
  • demonmobs_fc – for demon flash mobs
  • edteams – for elite dungeons
  • rago_pvm – for everything about vorago
  • nexaodmass – for nex aod masses
  • lspvm247 – for lootshare masses of various bosses
  • raid_fc – for liberation of mazcab raid
  • pvming_fc – for pvm teaching and team finding

Please do mind that these FC’s (Friends Chat) has their own rules. So don’t be afraid to ask and try to follow their guidelines.


  • When wanting to sell spirit shards (or rune arrows) you don’t need to go all the way to the summoning shops or pet shops (or ranger guild in the case of rune arrows), any general store will buy them from you at the exact same price as those specialized shops.
  • You can drag and drop the home teleports to your action bar.
  • Typing: /wiki into your chatbar will open the RSwiki in your browser.
  • Save up metamorphic geodes for when you only need strange/golden rocks from skills you dislike doing or that cost a lot of money to train.
  • You can drag your presets to change their order, this way you can make the preset you want always #1 to withdraw by pressing 1.
  • When participating in Big Game Hunter, you can use Bladed Dive on the poison frogs. It will dive to the frog and immediately start to siphon the poison!
  • You can claim daily challenge rewards straight from the challenge interface. No more handing in at Burthope/Priff/Max Guild.
  • You can store Spirit Seeds with Golrana in the tree Gnome Village.
  • You can store 255 of each bucket, compost, plant cure, planks and 2000 of each supercompost, ultracompost and miraculous treatment to a Tool leprechaun. The items stored are available to all the leprechauns.
  • Dip in the salt water pool in Oo’glog or in Anachronia or drink a sip of Ogre flask (salt water) before doing familiarisation, so you won’t run out of run energy (familiarisation drains your energy about 10 times as fast).
  • The keyboard shortcut for taking custom loot is shift+space.
  • The keyboard shortcut for taking all loot is space.
  • The keyboard shortcut for bringing up the area loot window can be set to whatever you want. Settings -> Controls -> (Just above the “Windows and Navigation” header) -> Area Loot.


  • You can use an oldak coil/cannon at Corporeal Beast to help kill it.
  • When you launch an ultimate (such as berserker) you can eat a food the same tick without losing adrenaline. (Does not work if you use a ring of vigour).
  • If you kill a mob and eat a food there’s no adrenaline loss.
  • Using the persistent rage relic, you can equip a shield and remain at 100% adrenaline while doing any kind of wilderness skilling (agility, hunter). When a Pker shows up, you barricade, freedom and surge south to the border.
  • You can also immortality instead for the free revive at 25%. This will also clear your teleblock so if you manage to reach level 20 wilderness and you get revived with immortality, you should be able to immediately teleport out.
  • If you right click the special move bar of your combat familiar (Dust Devil, Steel Titan, etc.) you have the option to tell him how often he has to use his special attack that uses a scroll. If you set it to ‘1’ he will try to do his special attack after every normal attack. That way you never have to manually click the special attack button.
  • Blue blubber jellyfish and Guthix rests don’t drain stats or drain adrenaline.


  • Using the action bar to do things (drop items, fill ore bag/gem bag) does not interrupt any actions, but if you manually click them it does interrupt you.
  • You can attune to avatar for the skill plot boost to cap 50% faster, then simply change it back to the exp boost. Cap in your citadels!
  • You can make smithable items way more afk by just heating up a bunch of them and then start hammering. Right click on the furnace to open the smithing interface to start a new smithable item.
  • You can actually convert nihil secondaries to ones of a different style at the cost of 10 elder energy.
  • When pickpocketing attackable NPCs, you can go to Settings > Gameplay > Combat & Action Bar > Attack Options and select “Right Click” option for NPC attack option so that “Pickpocket” becomes the left-click option.
  • You can use produce (like tomatoes, potatoes, coconuts, herbs, etc.) on the tool leprechaun to note it.
  • At your farm, you can check animals by clicking on the animal, rather than the pen door. This means you don’t run up to the pen and can do it from distance, letting you do a complete check from inside the farmhouse. No moving needed.
  • Do your tetracompasses in reverse order to easily determine if you have doubles. If you “excavate” from the 28th inventory slot and the compass in the 3rd slot disappears then you know you have a double.

Interface / Settings

  • You can let your ability bars switch automatically based on the attack style your using. No more manual bar switching! Settings -> Gameplay -> Combat.
  • The Bloom effects currently is more distracting than helpful. You should turn the off for a better experience. Settings -> Graphics -> Set Bloom to “Off”.
  • Always remove roofs so already see inside the building even if you haven’t entered it. Settings -> Graphics -> Set “Remove Roofs” to “Always.
  • Set your Camera to Freedom or Freedom Classic at your preference so you can Zoom in and out a lot more! Settings-> Gameplay-> Camera-> System-> Camera Mode.
  • Set your Draw Distance as high as you can to see more of your game view. Remove that fog!
  • Muting Ambient Sounds will mute the sound effects of other people’s familiars, pets, and that annoying zombie sound effect that sometimes plays at random bank locations.
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