Atelier Sophie – List of Rumors

Rumor and their specific mapname.

Item (and a few other) Rumors

All credit goes to Ciniod!

  • A shattered Star? Moon Sun Moor (Moon View Graveyard)
  • Care to Taste Some Whet? Merbert Farm
  • Chalk White Shell Underground Lake (Sleeping Spring) first screen 
  • Cotton Disliked by Dragons Verdant Hill
  • Crystal Blessed by Spirits Scar of the Land (Pierced Ruins)
  • Cursed Ancient Trees Gathering of Beasts
  • Downpoor of Uni Flower Garden
  • Enormous Hakurei Stones Verdant Hill (Icy Cave)
  • Faintly Shining Ore Soul Space (Edge of Pitch Darkness) 
  • only accessible on Seed Days through Sealed Temple
  • Flower Blooming in Silence Forest of Fairies (Protected Place)
  • Herb Effective for Medicine Rocky Grove
  • Hives Abandoned by Bees Blssed Forest
  • Golden Strong Thread Forgotten Nursery (Masterles Gazebo)
  • Greatly Grown Magic Grass Pilgrim Road
  • Moss With Sleep Compounds Three Bridge Springs
  • Never Sunny Forest Foggy Woodland 
  • wait for next rumor
  • End of Rain Foggy Woodland
  • removes log to access treasure
  • Not so Whimsy Stawberries Flower Garden
  • Pure and Clear Springwater Small Islet
  • Remnant Of The Past Sea? Prospector’s Strand (Shore of Treasure)
  • Shells Like Gemstones Calm Banks
  • Stash of High Grade Flour Sealed Temple (Memmory of Old Times)
  • Strange Miniature Eggs Green Ruins
  • Suddenly Appearing Strange Rocks Moon Sun Moor unlocks later rumor
  • Thin Line Between Poison And Medicine 
  • Vividly Colored Oil Fallen Palace (Opposite Living Room)

Monster Rumors

  • Brave Master of Water Prospector’s Strand (Prospector’s Hunt)
  • Brutal Dragon Scar of the Land (Scab of the Land) investigate big crystal with gathering points
  • Book That Steals Souls Forgotten Nursery (Ancient Kitchen)
  • Demon with Horns Fallen Palace (Blue Sky Altar)
  • Fallen Sorcerer Moon Sun Moor (Silent Bedroom)
  • Funny Ghosts Chick Woods
  • Heaven’t Twin Dragon Moon Sun Moor (Prayerless Church) investigate big crystal and big stone
  • Huge Puni Outbreak!? Pilgrim Road
  • Maiden Full of Grudges Prayerless Altar
  • Puny Amongst Puni Pilgrim Road
  • Ruler of Ice Verdant Hill (Icy Cave)
  • Ruler of Light Moon Sun Moor (Sun Waiting Ring)
  • Ruler of the Ocean Underground Lake (Damp Banks)
  • Ruler of Wind Open Ruins
  • Sacret Bird, Sharp Fang of Earth Sealed Temple (world map?)
  • Sealed Disaster Sealed Temple (Beyond Desired Dreams)
  • Soaring Monster Bird Scar of the Land (Pierced Ruins)
  • Flash of Darkness Soul Space (Edge of Pitch Darkness) 
  • Only accessible on Seed Days through Sealed Temple
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