Space Crew – Keyboard Controls

A quick rundown of the keyboard controls, since the game doesn’t tell you.

Space Crew Controls

The Controls

Space Crew is not great at communicating its controls, and there is no manual. 

  • Number keys 1-6: each selects an individual crew member.
  • H: send the selected crew member to the medical bay.
  • W: zoom camera in.
  • S: zoom camera out.
  • Z: toggle camera between ship interior and exterior. 
    Note: this replaces the Shift key from Bomber Crew.
  • Shift: hold to look at a CCTV view of the ship interior. 
  • Use A/D or L/R arrow keys to switch cameras. Note this mode appears strictly cosmetic – you can’t use other controls here. But it does look cool.

Do nothing: if you leave your game idle, it will switch between all CCTV cameras within the ship as a kind of “screensaver”. Cool! Touching any game control leaves this mode (e.g. W or left click will leave this mode, but J or M won’t.).

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