Soda Dungeon – Fast Relic Coins

The new “update” added insult to injury by giving another fancy button that is only an other way to over charge for faster game completion. i despise in-app purches for “free to pay” games. make it free, sell it, or make paid content cosmetic (Riot games seems to be doing ok).

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Using You Computer’s Clock to “Fast Forward”

All credit goes to reBoot185!

Basically that is it.. you use your computer clock and fast forward the time at least 4 hours to reset the 3v3 tournament. You can do this while in game or can go to menu screen to take advantage of the banker and get a few extra gold as well.

Reverting the Timer on Tournament When Resetting Your Clock

There is a small downside in that once you begin fast forwarding you must “reset” your tournaments back or they will show much longer wait times (the time you finished fast forwarding at + 4 hours if you completed the tournament successfully).

To reset to normal time: joing the tournament at the computer’s “future” time and before you finish (preferably as soon as you press the GO button) reset your computer clock and when you finish the 3v3 Tournament: you are back to 4 hour wait time. yay.

Do support the game with money when you can and do let them know to remove the big button they added last update as it is useless and paying for convenience only hinders progress to the masses.

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