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Amnesia: Rebirth - Increasing Inventory Space Guide (Config File)

Written by Gecko_Jeeper   /   Oct 25, 2020    

How to Increase Inventory Space


So I found that the Vanilla Inventory amounts were a bit unfair and that the lantern used oil way to quickly. If you agree with this and want to change it follow these steps:

  • Recommend having Notepad++ but regular Notepad will work as well.
  • Go to: This PC > Drive(Game Stored on) > SteamLibrary > steamapps > common > Amnesia Rebirth > config
  • Open: Inventory.cfg

<ItemType ID="Lantern">
<Bulk MaxAmount="10" Container="true" ContentType="Oil" InitAmountRange="0,0"/>
<Inventory Icon="inventory_item_lamp"/>
<Use OnWorld="true"/>
<Hands UsesArmAnimation="true" LeftHand="true" LightSource="true" EntityFile="lantern_new_hand.ent"/>

  • This is the Lantern. Change the <Bulk MaxAmount="10" to a higher number, I changed mine to 50. This will change the amount of Oil you can put into the Lantern.

<ItemType ID="Matchbook">
<Bulk MaxAmount="10" InitAmountRange="1,3"/>
<Inventory Icon="inventory_item_matches" PickupIcon="inventory_item_match_single"/>
<Hands UsesArmAnimation="false" LeftHand="true" LightSource="true"/>
<Use OnWorld="false"/>

  • This is the amount of Matchbooks you can carry, simply change <Bulk MaxAmount="10" to a higher number or -1 for unlimited(if you do this it will take away the amount you have in the inventory, it will simply show that you have the item) Change InitAmountRange="1,3" to a higher number as well, this will change the amount of Matches you receive when picking up a Matchbook. For the vanilla, when you pick up a Matchbook you will receive between 1 and 3 Matches.

<ItemType ID="Laudanum" >
<Bulk MaxAmount="-1"/>
<Inventory Icon="inventory_item_luciditypotion"/>
<Use OnSelf="true"/>

  • Same as the Lantern and the Matchbook, I changed this number from unlimited to 100 so I could track how many I have in my inventory.

<!-- OIL TYPES -->
<ItemType ID="HerbertOil">
<Bulk MaxAmount="100" ContentType="Oil"/>
<Inventory Icon="inventory_item_herbert_oil"/>
<Use OnSelf="true"/>

<ItemType ID="ModernOil" >
<Bulk MaxAmount="100" ContentType="Oil"/>
<Inventory Icon="inventory_item_modern_oil"/>
<Use OnSelf="true"/>

<ItemType ID="AlchemistOil">
<Bulk MaxAmount="100" ContentType="Oil"/>
<Inventory Icon="inventory_item_alchemist_oil"/>
<Use OnSelf="true"/>
<!-- END OIL TYPES -->

  • These are all the Oil types in the game. I forgot the default values, but if you've made it this far on this discussion then you know what to do on these three item types. For all three: <Bulk MaxAmount="#" change the # to the value you want and save. Don't for get to Save or the changes will not take effect. Also, I wouldn't mess around with the other parameters for it may mess the game up. It will also be wise to make a copy of the vanilla Inventory.cfg just in case you mess something up and need to go back to default.

Written by Gecko_Jeeper.