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Amnesia: Rebirth - Curator Achievement / Trophy Guide

Written by Proxykon   /   Oct 23, 2020    

This guide shows all locations of the recorded memories within Amnesia: Rebirth for the Curator achievement.

How to Obtain Curator Achievement / Trophy


Locations in order of appearance.

There is a total of 17 recorded memories to be found within Amnesia:Rebirth.

Memory 1

The first recorded memory is found in the Cistern. It is stashed inside a chest, hidden in a dark area.

Memory 2

The second memory is found in the "Otherworld". Once you enter the lair of Tihana, it is straight ahead in the same room as her bed and vitae injector, sitting on the table.

Memory 3

The third memory is found in the same level as the second. The laboratory of Kita (in the first picture to the right, sitting in his chair, strapped to a vitae inhaler) has a balcony which needs to be opened by moving the energy conveyor triangle into the right position. This recorded memory is sitting right next to Kita at the edge of the balcony.

Memory 4

The fourth recorded memory is in the same area as the third. If you turn around from the third recorded memory, you should see a defunct fountain (with one of the leyden jars you need to progress) and another small laboratory behind it. This memory is on the rightmost table coming from the fountain.

Memory 5

The fifth recorded memory is in the same area as the third and the fourth. It's also in the laboratory Kita has been working in. This memory is directly opposite to the fourth, sitting on the middle table. Just turn around from the fourth memory and you should see it.

Memory 6

The sixth recorded memory is easy to overlook if you don't know where to look. Once you are in the original excavation site where Herbert and Daniel from "The Dark Descent" found their first orb, you should enter a large room with a puzzle of rotating pillars. When you enter the room and look straight ahead, you should see some stairs on the opposite wall. Take those stairs up and move past the pillars blocking your way. If you fully explore this dark area, you will find it sitting on a shelf next to a vase.

Memory 7

The seventh recorded memory is right after you escaped Leon De Vries from the mechanical labyrinth. In a side room right next to the wheel-powered gate is the memory, sitting on a table next to two large cups.

Memory 8

The eighth recorded memory is in the vicinity of the vitae extractor. You have two chances to grab this memory. Once when you enter the vitae extractor area for the first time and once you collected the vitae-filled leyden jar on your way out. From the entrance, move into the right passageway. You should see a lit circular stairwell on your right. Go down the stairs and the memory is resting on a table, next to some neatly stacked cups.

Memory 9 and 10

The ninth and tenth recorded memories are next to each other. Once you enter the area in the "Otherworld" where you have to power up a tram to advance to the next level, both memories are sitting on a table next to a large window.

Memory 11

The eleventh recorded memory is nearby the ninth and tenth. If you progress the level where you have to power up a tram to advance, move into the room where you find the tram controls and a power supply. Right after you entered said room from the area where Tihana speaks to you about sitting in a chair to receive some vitae to heal Amari, the memory will be on a shelf to your left.

Memory 12

The twelfth recorded memory is in the same room as the eleventh. On the opposite end of the room, next to the door letting in a light blue light, is another shelf with the memory.

Memory 13

The thirteenth recorded memory is also located in the tram station area. If you progress normally after the twelfth memory, you should end up in a room with some banner dividers in the middle. This memory is sitting on a table, next to some tablets with information about vitae subjects.

Memory 14 and 15

The fourteenth and fifteenth recorded memories are in the same room as the thirteenth. If you stand in front of the table with the thirteenth memory on it, turn around and you should see two shelves. One recorded memory is sitting on a higher shelf while the other one is standing in front of the shelf on the ground.

Memory 16

The sixteenth recorded memory is after you passed an area guarded by wispmother creatures. Once you escaped these monsters looking for you, you will need to go down two sets of stairs. At the bottom you will find more vitae pods filled with humans. If you move on you will find a vitae flowgate which you need to manipulate in order to progress with the game. You will find all necessary tools to progress in a backroom including this memory.

Memory 17

The final recorded memory is found in the penultimate level, where the doctor escapes with an elevator while you have to repair the remaining one. Once you escaped the broken elevator and moved through the vent, you should come into an area where you can see a red triangular symbol shining through a hallway. Move down said hallway and the last memory is resting to your right on the ground in front of the flowgate infested with the red pulsating flesh.


Written by Proxykon.