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Kingdom Rush Vengeance - How to Farm Unlimited Power and They’re Coming Achievements

Written by Odraco6   /   Oct 20, 2020    

This guide will describe how to farm 2 very boring achievements, 5000 kills with Vez'nan's powers (Unlimited Power) and 30 000 dmg with crow's nest (They’re Coming).

How to Farm Two Annoying Achievements


I present you the 2 most grindiest achievements of the game! You are unlikely to get these even when you play all the levels, so I wrote this handy little guide for achievement hunters. I have gotten these achievements on mobile, so I had previous knowledge on how annoying these 2 in particular are to get.

They’re Coming (30K DMG with Crow’s Nest)

Ah, the shadow archer’s crow, the worst dmg ability in the game and a meme in the community. One trick about the crow is that it attacks 1st target that comes inside its range and attacks it until it leaves range or dies. So, boss fights make farming this monotone achievement faster. I recommend Bolgur’s throne, should be a bit faster as the level itself is shorter. Also, I recommend at least getting the guild of merchants upgrade, as it makes buying crows (and other specials) cheaper, though I do not recommend farming this achievement very early.

I recommend setup like this: Towers; shadow archers, rest don’t matter much. Maybe some magical dmg to help to deal with tanky mechadwarves? Hero: Jigou.

Jigou can stall Bolgur quite while, allowing more crow dmg to be inflicted.

I recommend trying to get shadow archer on spot 1 first and getting 1 level of Blade of demise on it, to help dealing with mechadwarves. Not really anything special, just buy towers when possible. You should aim to have all shadow archer towers and lvl1 crows up at the beginning of wave 15, so they can hit the boss asap as he activates.

I have gotten about 2k dmg when using this tactic on this stage, so it should take “only” 3-4 hours to get this achievement :)

Unlimited Power (5K Kills with Soul Ompact)

Use map Lozagon on iron challenge mode! That level has lots of weak enemies, prime targets for farming this achievement! You definitely want to have feast of the damned upgraded for this one,as it allows you to spam soul impact in this level! Yes, there are so many enemies near each other, that you can use soul impact and then immediatly get it back, when you have feast of the damned :) I would also recommend upgrading soul impact all the way to tornado of souls, to squeesh that extra bit of dmg. Spectre upgrades are not necessary, as kills made by spectres do not count for the feast of the damned, not sure if they count for this achievement either.

For passing the actual level, build 2 rocketeer, 1 on each side. Upgrade them at least lvl 3, so they should be able to 1-hit kill the weak enemies (on normal and heroic,at least). Stalling with barracks is not really necessary, these spacial enemies can’t be blocked, but there are some regular enemies as well.That is why I also recommend hellion tridents, as they can hit all enemies in this stage. Then start building more rocketeers near each other to help managing the huge hordes. If you want, you can upgrade rocketeers to lvl4 and get the nitro fuel rocket to farm achievement of launching 500 of those as well. For farming soul impact kills, just wait huge amount of enemies in 1 spot and soul impact away! For even more efficient grinding, you could use Moloch, as his ultimate can send enemies backwards, grouping them better for soul impacts, and he can deal with high sorcerers as well.

Closing Words

Here you go, now you should have better idea how to get these 2 annoying achievements! There may be different strategies for farming these achievements, especially for They're coming (like a using different bossfights), but I have found these to work.

Written by Odraco6.