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DOOM Eternal - The Ancient Gods UAC Atlantis Slayer Gate #1 & Key

Written by Manny Trejo   /   Oct 20, 2020    

Where to find the key to the first Slayer Gate in The Ancient Gods DLC for DOOM: Eternal and beating the Slayer Gate on Nightmare difficulty.

Where to Find the Key to the First Slayer Gate and Beating the Slayer Gate on Nightmare Difficulty!

This Slayer Gate can be found just after the cinematic that displays the Doom Guy obtaining the Seraphanim Key and ensuing self-destruct of the UAC Atlantica Facility. After the first encounter following the cinematic, you will be faced with a hallway with a corridor breaking off to the left to continue the mission. A sole Mancubus will waltz into view from this corridor to confront you with the 3 tentacles that will pop into view to swipe at you when you walk close enough to their respective holes in the floor paneling, 1 will intercept you between the entrance and the corridor leading left, the other 2 are past the corridor obstructing the door at the end. To obtain the Empyrean Key you must head down to the end of the hallway keeping straight, you will be obstructed by a couple tentacles springing up from their familiar tunnels and a dual pair of lasers burning a line into the floor panels in the following room. After this room, the next hallway segment will have the Empyrean Key visible out of reach to your right behind a grate. As you reach the end, the Automap unlockable within sight, the exit will be barred and behind you will be a Cyberdemon and zombie spawns. Defeat those, unlock the Automap, and jump on top of the objects in the room lining the wall behind the Automap.

Look outside at the open space, there will be two yellow bars to swing from just beneath the ledge you are looking down from poking out from the wall beneath you, jump on one, or both, in the direction of a turret. Its best to just ignore the turret if you have sufficient health/armor, after leaping from the second yellow bar and using your double-jump look immediately to your right and dash mid-air towards the platform jutting out from a grate glowing purple. Punch the grate open, and follow the air duct within to your prized Empyrean Key. The Slayer Gate it opens was in the room with the 2 lasers burning lines into the floor, unlock your prize and enjoy besting the demons within.


Zombified Soldiers and Imps will spawn throughout the encounter. As it progresses, Shield Soldiers and Gargoyles will also begin to spawn.

  • Initial spawns: 2 Revenants + Cyber Mancubus
  • Next: More Revenants + 2x Hell Knights + 3 Whiplash
  • Next: 2x Dread Knights 2x Pinkies 1x Archvile
  • Final: Doom Hunter & Cyberdemon + Remaining Imps, Gargoyles & Zombified Soldiers with and without shields to continuously spawn-in until both of the major demons have been defeated.

Order and exact number of demons might be slightly off, but you can revise the Youtube video if you are concerned about knowing before-hand exactly what to expect.


This will unlock the first of three possible Runes for the new Support Rune slot that adds an additional slot for one of these three. The three are briefly examined at the end of the Youtube video, I personally chose the Rune upgrading Blood Punch to double its damage when below 75 health points.

The three possible are:

  • Desperate Punch: Blood Punch deals double damage when your health is 75 or less.
  • Take Back: When a demon causes an Extra Life to activate, it can be killed within a short time to gain Extra Life back.
  • Break Blast: Destroying a Weak Point generates a concussive blast.

Written by Manny Trejo.

Game:   DOOM Eternal