DOOM Eternal – Non Working Dossier (Tab Button) Workarounds

If the Tab button for the Dossier isn’t working, there’s a couple things to do.

What And How?

In Doom Eternal on PC, there’s times the Tab button won’t work. Apparently, the game has a problem with Alt + Tab out the window to secondary monitor. Whatever the reason, the Tab button will stop working sometimes.

There’s a couple things to try if this happens.

1. Bring Focus Back to The Game

If Tab doesn’t work, just hit Left Alt only, and the Tab button will work again.

2. Secondary Command

You can also set a secondary command for the Dossier, which will also make Tab work again after pressing it.

In this case, I mapped it to “”.

Also, I found out that hitting Alt to make Tab work again when I was writing this. Which is easier than bringing up Task Manager or using Alt + Enter twice. I just had the secondary command.

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