The Walking Evil – How to Obtain Seeker Achievement (All Tokens Locations)

Locations (with pictures) of the 5 tokens for the Seeker achievement.

Seeker Achievement Guide


  • Main floor > Cabinet room (before the kitchen).
  • Look to the right side, behind the couch and beside the window.


In the Attic (about center in the ceiling).


  • Balcony on the second floor.
  • Walk out & face the door, its on the left outside of the house.

After the lab, in room with final save point.

  • After the Lab, and series of corridors you’ll enter a room with a save point on the opposite side and the door to the final boss fight.
  • Look up in the center of the ceiling from the door you entered in.

End of corridor the final boss is in.

At the opposite end of where the boss spawns, facing the dead end, look up.

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