Foxhole – Gameplay Tips & Tricks

This is just a gathering of tips for Foxhole that newer players should follow and try out.

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General Tips

Here are some general tips for all players to follow:

  • “Loose lips sink ships” Make sure you know which chat you are typing in or you may end up sharing vital information to the enemy! (Open the chat with enter then press TAB to cycle) 
  • Keep off the roads! Roads are dangerous and unaware trucks can easily squash a soldier as rhey run on them. Keep to the sides of the roads to make sure you’re safe. 
  • Communicate with your team. Foxhole is a team based game and if you aren’t active on the Discord or in the team chat then you can’t be apart of the team. 
  • Do your share for the team. Running around killing the enemy whilst grenades go off in the distance can be fun but if you don’t have anyone doing logistics then you wont be shooting any enemies any time soon. Every so often step back from the front line and help your team gather supplies in the Town Halls and Outposts. 

The Frontline Soldier

The Frontline Soldier makes up the backbone of the army and too few or too many can have devastating effects on the team.

  • Don’t carry too much ammo! The logistics soldiers work hard to make all the ammo you are firing so running out and dying with it is as good as burning it. 
  • Loot backpacks. For the exact point I just pointed out, look backpacks. If a soldier from either side has weapons or ammo, grab them and either use them yourself or store them in a storage crate. All of these things cost Basic Materials they all have value to your team! 
  • Carry gasmasks whenever you can. Gasmasks are light weight and can save you and your fellow soldiers when a gas grenade lands at your feet. These cheap pieces of equipment don’t have any negatives so why not carry them? 
  • Press V! Seriously, press V and you can access a local command menu that you can use on the fly to communicate with team mates in your area. From crying “Medic” to asking for a ride to pointing out life saving information these commands are easy to use and effective at quick communication. 

The Comabt Medic

Combat Medic is a tough but rewarding role in the game. The premise may be simple but it can be very stressful in a time of combat. You control life and death so make sure you are aware of your surroundings.

  • Don’t over encumber yourself. You don’t need multiple medical and trauma kits one lasts forever so don’t bring five medical kits and walk like you dropped a load in your bright blue or dark green trousers. 
  • Don’t get yourself shot for one man. If you run out into the spray of machine guns to save one man screaming medic you’ll get yourself killed and one thing you can’t do when you are dead is save other people. 

The Officer

Combat leading is vital to making any fight go in your favour. Without orders we’re as good as dead.

  • Grab binoculars! Information is key to winning so if you can’t see three feet infront of your face then there is no point in trying. 
  • Consider multiple options before making a decision. When coming up with a plan it is best you check around areas and consider what you will need for each option and way to pros and cons of each option before making your final decision. 
  • Have expectations. If you say you are going to leave an area in two minutes stick to it. If you are a weak leader who will wait another thirty seconds because people didn’t listen to your orders then you are going to lose respect and precious time. 
  • Try and use all players available to you. Using local voice chat or Discord is a great way to communicate to your men and gather as many as you can to join you in your assault. 

The Logistics Soldier

The Logistics Soldier is the most important member of the team. Not a soldier in the usual sense these men run the trucks behind the lines that keep the war machine running. If your team doesn’t have enough logistics soldiers then you are guaranteed to fail.

  • Don’t always rely on your team for what supplies they need, go to Town Halls or Outposts and use your own judgement to decide what they need mostly. 
  • Check the quantites of each item inside the stockpiles of Town Halls and Outposts as just looking at the highlighted images doesn’t give you an idea of how much of each item they have. 
  • Communicate with other logistics players. Talk to the other logistics players on the team and coordinate where you are sending supplies and make sure you don’t overlap supplies leaving the frontline with too much of one item and too little of another 
  • Always make orders for Soldier Supplies (Or ‘shirts’ as new players are calling them) Spawn Supplies are the most needed item but also take a very long time to make due to only being made in a maximum of 40s. A good backup supply of these will keep your team rolling. 
  • Use Sulfur wisely. Sulfur takes two hours to respawn and is vital to making pushes in the later game. Using it all at once and not on the item in need can be detrimental to your team. 
  • Distribute your supplies evenly. One front can end up overstocked and other fronts under supplied. This is a great example of a time to coordinate and communicate with the other logistics soldiers. 

The Combat Engineer

Building defenses is a massive part of the game and can be the ‘make it or break it’ factor to a town’s defense.

  • Communicate with logistics and the frontline soldiers. You need to talk to your team when doing this job! Talk to your logistics to supply you with Basic and Refined Materials and talk to the frontline to see what needs to be defended. 
  • Town Defences. Towns are the centre of all supplies and if these places are left vulnerable then I can assure you that you will hear about it in the Team chat when logistics soldiers are killed. 
  • Frontline Town Defences. Frontline Towns need a lot of defences and secure supply routes to make sure they don’t fall! 
  • Road defences are very improtant. Similar to defending towns behind your lines these roads need defending with Foxhole and Gun Turrets to make sure your logistics runs smoothly between each Town. 
  • Advancing through no man’s land. When an attack is taking place you need to make sure that the ground taken is secure because once the momentum is gone the enemy will reclaim your land and this causes massive stalemates which can be costly. 
  • Structure selection. Different structures have different strengths in different situations and you need to make sure you choose the right structure for the right area. Additionally to this make sure you make structures that will fire before you build walls, walls can’t shoot and thus are useless without Foxhole and Pillboxes etc. 
  • Be careful with barbed wire placement as placing too much can restrict your team’s movement and can be damn well annoying. 

Combat Vehicle Tips

Vehicles can be a massive factor in battles so make sure you are using them correctly. (Never feel like you shouldn’t use a combat vehicle because you have never used to before. You need to learn at somepoint!)

  • Halftracks: Halftracks are great for open fields against infantry men. Use them when there aren’t any Gun Turrets and only when you have infantry support. 
  • Tanks: Tanks are very expensive to use and are best to use against structures rather than infantry. The front of the tank has the most armor so make sure to have that facing towards the gun fire. Keep the back secure because one or two hits from any explosives can kill you or disable you. 
  • Motorbikes should only be used for recon and should be kept from any gunfire or they will be disabled easily. 
  • Field Machine Gun: The Field Machine Gun (Or FMG as I shall be calling it) should be used in the early game for killing infantry or Foxholes then in the later game for defending only. 
  • Artillery: Artillery should be used for bombarind structures that are not easy to destroy with hand held explosives. Don’t used this on Foxholes or Pillboxes. Make sure you are communicating with the other people manning the piece with you. 

Destroying Enemy Structures

Fighting the enemies can be easy over empty fields but when structures prohibit you from advancing you need to deal with them.

  • The “H.E. and Smoke” tactic is a cost effective tactic for taking down Foxholes, Pillboxes and Gun Turrets (Gun Turrets don’t require the smoke though) All you have to do is throw the smoke infront of the structure, wait for it to settle, this takes maybe 3 seconds after landing, then use the heavy explosives on the structure. Different structures require different amounts of HE to be destroyed. 
  • Halftracks can be a great way to destroy Foxholes! They take minimal damage whilst being fired upon by Foxholes and they can destroy the Foxholes in around 75 bullets (One and a half magazines) Watch out for Gun Turrets! 
  • Tunnels, Town Halls and Outposts. AI structures can only opperate if they are connected to a tunnel newtorks. These networks can be targeted and can turn off all the defences (Once they are disconnected it takes ten minutes for them to turn off and stop firing) Disconnected structures will have a faded white flag with the corresponding Faction’s emblem on them. Town Halls and Outposts supply these tunnel networks so if you destroy these then all of the structures will go offline, assuming there isn’t another connection to another Town Hall or Outpost as well.
Written by Lightning\'s End

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