Touhou Endless Dream – Basic Guide (Characters, Levels, Builds and Bosses)

A guide for all the beginners from characters to levels to builds.

Beginners Guide

All credit goes to _Evasive_!

Campsite and Upgrades

When you first start the game you’ll see the 4 Playable girls of this game, Reimu, Marisa, Sanae, and Reisen. Each one has their own method of attack and Bomb/Ability So finding the right one for you is important, however as a Beginner you will only have Reimu unlocked but don’t worry getting your Playable waifu isn’t hard. and neither is making your Waifu a powerhouse!

Introducing Patchouli, Eirin, and Mamizou!

  • Mamizou exchanges leafs for gifts that you can give to the other girls to recruit them to your team.
  • Eirin Takes Darkness Fragments to give you permanent passive buffs throughout your adventure.
  • Patchouli takes book pages to give your girls additional abilities or power specific to them Unlike Eirin
  • After you spec everything out you may talk to Rumia to start your Adventure!


As Stated earlier each girl has their own uniqueness to them let’s start with Good Ol’ Reimu!

Reimu – Balanced Fighter

  • Passive: Reimu’s hitbox is smaller than normal.
  • Regular Attack: Rapidly Fires 2 Cards with Medium range and Moderate Damage.
  • Ability: Throws out Colorful orbs to delete enemy projectiles and deal damage.

Marisa – Pure DPS Fighter

  • Passive: Shoots a Big Star After attacking for some time, The Star explodes upon enemy contact.
  • Regular Attack: Fires Stars with high damage at short range with a Wide Spread.
  • Ability: Master Sparku! Fire a Giant Lazer to delete projectiles and Deal incredible Damage.

Reisen – Burst Damage/Area Control Fighter

  • Passive: Dodging Creates a Clone of herself to Shoot Enemies.
  • Regular Attack: Fires 3 (4) Bullets at once with high Damage at Long range then reloads.
  • Ability: Send out a Shockwae to make a Copy of Reisen appear behind them to fire at enemies.

Sanae – Defensive, Derpy Fighter

  • Passive: Draws from a wide variety of attacks.
  • Regular Attack: Either a variation of Card attacks or a Star missile to pierce enemies and explode.
  • Ability: A Gust of wind covers the map to detour Enemies and their projectiles dealing small damage.

Levels and Bosses

As of now there are only acouple levels but each level has its own Structures and patterns within it.

Forests, Courtyards, Frozen lakes all Share Abundant cover Scattered around Shrines, Lava Islands, Caves share little cover for more open lines of site.

Libraries are the Only Unique map having lanes with Moderately Strong Bookshelves making walls

As for Bosses all except Rumia can spawn Randomly in and out of the Darkness orb.

Koishi – Spawns anywhere, Moderate threat

What makes Koishi pose such a threat is her ability to spawn whenever she feels like, on whatever map and with how deadly her patterns can be, Early game Koishi’s health pull isnt too big however so its not a complete loss seeing her so early.

Daiyousei – Spawns in Forests, Courtyards, Shrines, Frozen lakes. Extreme Threat

The most Overpowered Boss in his game, Able to shield herself, able to shield the minions body blocking her, and able to heal herself. if you dont have a good build its goodbye to your run. my advice is to just circle around her and burn healing items not focusing on the minions.

Mystia – Spawns in Forests, Courtyards, Frozen lakes, Shrines. Low Threat

Being the first boss you’ll likely encounter shes fairly easy with consistant gaps in her danmaku and easily Staggerable(When Bosses get downed) Circling her is an easy way to avoid all her attacks

Cirno – Spawns in frozen lake. Huge Threat

Able to freeze you and her melee attacks give no I-frames after being hit so better watch it! Dealing with enemies before focusing her is ideal so her freezing danmaku doesnt keep you in enemy fire

Wriggle – Spawns in forests. Great Threat

Having the most firepower out of everyone Wriggle can easily fill your screen with bullets and leave your gasping for downtime. Use bombs/abilities often and try killing enemies first as any more bullets is a nightmare

Rumia – Final boss. Moderate threat

Great damage but without enemies constantly spawning and an Easy to dodge danmaku theres no real worry here

Conclusion and After-game

Huzzah! You’ve just completed your first run! Don’t you feel great? Well In anycase now you’ll be able to play again on harder difficulties and find new builds! After getting enough leafs you’ll be able to purchase a 2nd girl who will occasionally shoot out bullets for you and you can even swap to them mid-game but I would not recommend that as splitting the run between 2 girls will not allow you to power through the darkness orb in the last half of the game.

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