SCP: Secret Laboratory – SCP-330 Candy Guide (Halloween Event)

Guide to SCP-330 Candy


SCP-330 is a new SCP item, temporarily added for the Halloween 2020 event. It is located on the table where the Zone Manager keycard spawns in SCP-012’s room. SCP-012’s room has been renamed to SCP-330’s room for this event. Pressing [use] on SCP-330 will deposit a random candy in the player’s inventory. If pressed more than twice, SCP-330 will sever the player’s hands and kill them. This guide will showcase the effects of every possible candy obtainable from SCP-330.

Pink Candy

Instantly blows you up. Any enemy players (if FF=Off), doors, and glass are damaged in a nearby radius. Any grenades in your inventory will also be blown up instantly and can contribute to cause a massive explosion. Although this could be considered the worst candy, you can use it as a suicide bomb against your enemies or sacrifice yourself to blow open the armory door or the Micro-HID door.

Purple Candy

Gives you 15 AHP.

Blue Candy

Recovers a small 15% of your stamina.

Green Candy

Gives you the adrenaline’s “Invigorated” effect for a short time, preventing you from losing stamina. Better than the blue candy.

Yellow Candy

Slowly recovers 15 HP, like painkillers.

Red Candy

Instantly gives you 15 HP. Better than the yellow candy.

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