Tower Unite – Obtainable Items List (Halloween 2020)

In this guide you can see what items you can obtain from offering the remains of the damned and talking with the Halloween NPCs and from the candy buckets.

List of Obtainable Items (Halloween Event 2020)

There are 10 different NPCs (Non-Player Character) that appear in the plaza one at the time.

When you find them and talk them they will offer you one item. Although if you speak to the same NPC again a few minutes later you can get another item and so on til he is gone.

I will not list the locations of where they appear because those already exist in other guides but it’s the same locations as the Summer Event characters.

NPC Items

  • Lantern [Condo]
  • Emergency Light [Condo]
  • Floating Candle [Condo]
  • Floating Book Pile [Condo]
  • Floating Candelabra [Condo]
  • Candy Bucket [Condo]
  • Nasty Cleaver [Condo]
  • Moths [Condo]
  • Floor Fog [Condo]
  • Flies [Condo]
  • Spooky Sound Emitter [Condo]
  • Canvas Jack o’ Lantern [Condo]
  • Skull Candle [Condo]
  • Nightmare Crab [Condo]
  • Ghoul Coin [Condo / Halloween Currency]

Now there’s also a big cauldron on the center of the plaza where you can offer remains of the damned to it. These are obtained by collecting them on the beaches and they appear for a limited time when the mini event is active. It’s usually 10 per event although it can be bypassed if you rejoin the server.

There’s also guides showing the beaches where you can find them, since they use the same spots as the mini game treasure hunt.

After collecting them you can go to the cauldron and offer them there to get an item for each remain.

Remains of the Damned Items

  • Spooky Gun [Weapon]
  • Hell Portal [Condo]
  • Evil Cauldron [Condo]
  • Miniature Ghost Pet [Pet]
  • Throwing Knife [Weapon]
  • Canvas Jack o’ Lantern [Condo]
  • Falling Leaves [Condo]
  • Haunted TV [Condo]
  • Eyeball [Condo]
  • Throwable Cleaver [Weapon]
  • Ethereal Pumpkin [Weapon]
  • Crystal Ball [Condo]
  • Ghoul Coin [Condo / Halloween Currency]

Another mini game event that appears is the Trick or Treat event where a bunch of candy buckets appear all around the plaza and you can just collect them to get some money and some holdable items that can be eaten or sold.

Trick or Treat Items

  • Holdable Aesthetic Chips [Food]
  • Holdable Blue Cake Pop [Food]
  • Holdable Blue Rock Candy [Food]
  • Holdable Candy Bar [Food]
  • Holdable Candy Cane [Food]
  • Holdable Candy Corn [Food]
  • Holdable Chocolate Milk [Food]
  • Holdable Cinnamon Stick [Food]
  • Holdable Flat Lollipop [Food]
  • Holdable Gem Pop [Food]
  • Holdable Green Rock Candy [Food]
  • Holdable Gummie [Food]
  • Holdable Hot Chocolate [Food]
  • Holdable Ice Cream [Food]
  • Holdable Mint Cake Pop [Food]
  • Holdable Peppermint Lollipop [Food]
  • Holdable Pink Cake Pop [Food]
  • Holdable Pink Rock Candy [Food]
  • Holdable Pumpkin Pie [Food]
  • Holdable Round Lollipop [Food]
  • Holdable Waffle Cone [Food]

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