Tower Unite – Ultimate Halloween Event Guide 2020

Here’s ultimate guide for the 2020 Halloween event on Tower Unite.

Guide to Complete Halloween Event

How to Earn Ghoul Coins

  • Playing game on the game world.
  • Playing minigame on the plaza.
  • Playing in the Arcade.
  • Fishing.

Part 1: The Exp on the Plaza

  • Visiting a halloween character: +5 000 EXP.
  • Collecting the bucket during trick or treat: +1 000 EXP each.
  • Putting remains of the damned at the Cauldron: +2 500 EXP each.
  • Play the minigame on the gamepad area: Depends on your score but you’ll get the same amont or a little more.

Part 2: The Halloween Character Visit

All the character listed.

Big brain


Sassy skeleton

Flaming cow skull

Angel eye

Weird wingged eye


Scary Banana

Disgruntled Pumpkin

Formal Ghost

All The Location Listed

Halloween event character can spawn at one of these 8 spots.

Next to the Bowling.

In front of the Casino.

Behind the Arcade, next to the games world portal.

Next to the Theater.

In front of the fishing zone ahead sign, next to the hotdog seller and in front of the Fresh food & smooties shop.

In front of Typing derby.

Behind the Ferris Wheel.

Roof top.

Part 3: The Haunted Treasure

The Haunted Treasure is located next to the Peninsula.

It’s just between these 2 rock, inside the water. The treasure is easy to find since it’s glowing.

Part 4: The Hidden Bones

This NPC (located behind the theater, next to the fishing beach side pont) give you a quest.

Basicly, you only need to find 10 hidden bones around the plaza.

1st bone

Walk on the beach side pont just in front of you and look inside the water next to the 2 big rock on the middle.

2nd bone

Not that far there’s another one, near the lighthouse.

3rd bone

Again, not that far there’s one bone inside the maze.

It’s near the start, just keep going straight forward and you’ll find it.

4th bone

Once you done with the maze, head back to the beach side pont and look over the gamepad. There’s some rock and some bush.

This malicious bone is hidden inside a bush.

5th bone

Now, head over the slide.

The bone is between an arch.

6th bone

Now look toward the sea and you’ll see a little island.

7th bone

After that, go to the fishing dock behind the game world portal.

The bone is under the pond.

8th bone

For now, we headin’ toward east store and go behind the Season shop (the bird shop on the roof of the other shop).

9th bone

For the last 2, it’s on the same island, not that far from each other.

Head for the peninsula and look for the cave behind the Poseidon ride.

10th bone

Finally the last bone is behind the peninsula pond.

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